Peloton removes classes from April 1-14, 2019 from on-demand library in first “class library maintenance” / regular class purge process

As we reported yesterday, Peloton shared with us that they plan to begin doing regular maintenance to the Peloton class library (in other words, removing older classes).

These class purges have previously typically only been done only once or twice a year, which has resulted in hundreds or thousands of classes being removed at one time, with little to no notice.

The first of these class library maintenance processes took place today, April 28th. Since it was the first one with the new process, nobody was sure how many classes might be removed.

Prior to today, aside from a handful of special exceptions, the oldest classes available were from April 1, 2019. With today’s class library maintenance, aside from a few exceptions, the oldest classes available are now from April 15th, 2019.

This means that Peloton removed approximately two weeks worth of classes today – every single class from April 1- 14th, 2019 is no longer available. The classes were removed from the on-demand library around 12-1pm ET today.

Some of the Peloton classes from April 1, 2019 that are no longer available as of today.
Some of the Peloton classes from April 1, 2019 that are no longer available as of today.

Since the removals were mostly based on the date they were recorded, no one instructor seemed more impacted than another – unless that coach randomly happened to teach a lot of classes in that two week period. It doesn’t appear that any one coach had more than around 12 or so classes removed.

There were also previously a dozen or so outdoor audio classes that had still been available as special exceptions that were recorded before April 1st, 2019. However, those were all removed today as well except for one. The only outdoor audio class remaining prior to April 1, 2019 is now Matt Wilpers’ Turky Burn Fun Run from 2018.

At this point, there are only 6 Peloton classes available from prior to April 15th, 2019. Those are the Turkey Burn run mentioned above, Robin Arzon’s Greatest Showman ride, and 4 Emma Lovewell strength classes that are part of the Crush Your Core Program Peloton program with Emma Lovewell.

Note that there is the possibility Peloton removed a handful of newer classes outside of that oldest two week window as well today – but we are not able to track every single individual class – so please let us know in the comments if you noticed any other classes removed.

This means that for newer coaches, who joined after April 2019, they wouldn’t have any classes removed today. Only those coaches who were teaching back in April 2019 would have had classes removed.

As stated above, Peloton plans to do these class removals on a semi-regular basis, making it a regular process that takes place on Friday. They have not stated if it will be every week or not, or what the exact cadence might be. However, based on what happened today, one can imagine a scenario where two weeks from now, on Friday, May 12th, Peloton will remove the next group of oldest classes. That would mean removing classes from April 15-28, 2019 in two weeks. Or perhaps 3 weeks from now, they’ll remove two weeks worth of classes. At this point we don’t have enough data to know for sure, but will keep our eye on it.

However, keep in mind Peloton said it will be their content team deciding what classes to remove, as well as making exceptions for certain classes to keep that might be in a date range that is otherwise removed – it’s not an algorithm making the rules. You can read more about what Peloton shared with us here.

And for those who are newer to Peloton, note that when classes are removed from the library, they don’t impact your workout history of previous minutes. The class will still show up as completed in your history. You just aren’t able to take it again.

Did you have a favorite class removed as part of the Peloton class library maintenance today?

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  • TC says:

    yes – I’ve lost a few 15 and 20 minute sleep meditations with each purge – and there are very few new 15-20 min sleep meditations being produced to replace them. “Relaxing” or “calming” meditations aren’t the same and a 5 minute sleep meditation is not going to get anyone to the point of zzzzzs! I wish they’d go back to producing more of the longer sleep meditations again – or just stop removing them. I don’t mind repeating, but soon there will only be a few to choose from!

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