Peloton x The Beatles artist series. Image credit Peloton social media.

Second Peloton x The Beatles Artist Series Announced

Peloton has announced a second Beatles artist series, beginning this weekend! Peloton revealed the news in an Instagram post this afternoon:

Beginning November 27, @TheBeatles are returning to Peloton for a brand-new Artist Series featuring iconic tracks from long-awaited docuseries The Beatles: Get Back. Sweat it out to sounds that redefined rock and roll in classes powered by the passion of a magical time in music history.

The series will include a ride, walk & run, upper body strength, and yoga flows in both German and Spanish. Jon Hosking, Denis Morton, Nico Sarani, Andy Speer, and Mariana Fernández will be the instructors. Below is the complete class schedule:


The timing of Peloton’s second Beatles artist series corresponds with the release of the highly anticipated three-part documentary series titled “Get Back”, which is directed and produced by Peter Jackson and will be released on Disney+ on Thanksgiving Day (November 25).

This is the second Beatles artist series. The first series took place on Christmas Day in 2020 and featured two rides, a run, a strength class, and a two-for-one yoga flow. All classes were pre-recorded and dropped on demand on Christmas morning. This time around, all of the classes will be live.

You can view all of the classes from the first Beatles artist series by navigating to “The Beatles Artist Series” collection. If you’re interested in other past featured artist series, be sure to check out the full list here!

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