Peloton Annual 2022 Challenge

Peloton Launches “The Annual 2022” Challenge

Peloton is renewing their “Annual Challenge” for 2022! Members can now view and join the Annual Challenge for 2022 under the “upcoming” tab on the challenges page. The description of the challenge reads:

A year-long challenge that helps you build habits for success. You’ll gain the discipline and consistency to create and maintain an active lifestyle. Take any class on the Bike, Tread or Peloton App to have your minutes count toward the challenge. Let’s put in the time together for 2022.

Peloton Annual 2022 Challenge
Peloton Annual 2022 Challenge

Now in its third year, the Annual Challenge measures your total active minutes across all modalities available on the Peloton platform. Members will earn badges for minute totals between 1,000 and 20,000 minutes, with a total of 13 tiers available: 1,000 through 10,000, plus 15,000, 18,000 and 20,000.

Peloton has slowly increased the number of badges available for the Annual Challenge since its inception. During the first year in 2020, the badges only went up to 5,000 minutes, and later expanded to 10,000 minutes in August. When the 2021 Annual Challenge was launched, it included badges for up to 15,000 minutes. In September Peloton added two new tiers for 18,000 and 20,000 minutes.

Earlier this year we launched our Peloton Annual 2021 Calculator for those trying to determine how many more minutes they need to work out to reach a certain tier of the challenge. You can find the calculator for the 2022 challenge here.

You can opt into the 2022 Annual Challenge now on your Peloton App, web browser, or Bike/Tread. Head to the Challenges page and select “Upcoming.” You can also opt in here via your browser. If you’re trying to increase your total for 2022, let us know what your goal is!

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