Peloton Studio Holiday Closures for Christmas & New Years – No Live Classes December 24-26 & Dec 31 – Jan 2

For any members hoping some live classes would be added to the Peloton class schedule over Christmas & New Year’s weekend, Peloton has officially clarified that won’t be happening. Both the New York and London studios will be closed Friday, December 24 through Sunday, December 26, as well as December 31 through January 2nd.

The current schedule has listed only encore classes for those dates, indicating that there will be no live classes for the Christmas holiday, as well as New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day weekend. Peloton has closed over these dates in previous years as well to ensure that all of their instructors, studio, and production teams can enjoy the holiday.

Today, Peloton officially put out a statement sharing this news for members who hadn’t looked at the schedule yet, saying:

Members, our team will be taking a little break over the holidays. There will be no live classes from 24-26 Dec and 31 Dec-2 Jan. Check out our Holiday Collection for fun, on-demand classes on the Bike, Tread, App or Web (, and lookout for new classes to be added along the way.

Thanks for your understanding and Happy Holidays!

However, this does not mean that there will be no new content for the members to enjoy during these dates. Peloton has teased that their final artist series of the year will drop on Christmas Day (December 25). They did this last year with the first Beatles artist series, so this year’s is likely to be a big name as well. Rumors now indicate this will be Taylor Swift.

For New Year’s, Peloton might be adding a few more New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Party classes to the schedule. Last year, Peloton also had a “Best of 2020” series highlighting the best songs of the year according to instructors. Peloton also did a top 50 countdown of the 50 most-loved tracks by Peloton members in a series of five rides taught by Emma Lovewell, Leanne Hainsby, Alex Touissant, Cody Rigsby, and Kendall Toole. They haven’t hinted either way there will be a Peloton “Best Of 2021” series this year or not though.

We will continue to post updates if any additional holiday-related classes are announced, and we will of course be keeping our eyes peeled for any further clues about the final artist series of the year!

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