Peloton Sessions returns with Scheduling – How to Schedule a Peloton Session?

Peloton officially turned back on their Peloton Sessions feature this morning. Sessions was live for a month or so but then was removed in November. If you missed it the first time around, Sessions create classes that start every 5 minutes, and everyone who joins that class has a fresh leaderboard – so they work like encore classes.

With its re-release, Session is getting a few upgrades – namely in that it is integrated with the Scheduling feature that was released earlier this year for iOS.

FAQ – How to Schedule a Peloton Session

If you have an iOS device and Peloton Hardware (Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Tread+), you are now able to turn your scheduled classes into Sessions. To begin, just pull up whatever class you want from the on-demand library (must be longer than 20 minutes, and be a run or ride) in your Peloton Digital app on your iPhone. Next, pick the time you wish to take it. You’ll then get a confirmation message and see it on “Your Schedule”. At this point, nothing looks new or different. You can still text or message your friends to invite them to your scheduled class.

Screenshot of the Peloton APp.
In this screenshot, you can see a class we scheduled on our iPhone. Note it doesn’t say anything about Sessions.

Now when you head to your Bike or Tread (or Bike+ or Tread+), you should see a popup on you screen reminding you that you have a scheduled class coming up. What’s new is that you have two options. One is that you can immediately take the class, and start now as a normal on-demand class. Or you can use the new option, and join your scheduled class as an upcoming Session. The session will begin at the time you scheduled it for.

Image of the Sessions popup on a Bike
The class we scheduled popped up automatically, and gave us the option for Sessions or regular on-demand

Peloton says that your friends who you invited to your scheduled class will also have the option to join the Session, assuming they are taking it on a Bike or Tread. However, it does not sound like this will be a private invite-only Session just for you and your friends – other people will likely be able to join along too, but it will still be a smaller leaderboard that has real-time stats. Friends who do not have a Bike or Tread product will not be able to join the Session, but can still add the class to their calendar.

So, in order to schedule a class as a Session from an iPhone or iPad, you don’t need to do anything different than scheduling a regular class. The difference will come when you head to your Bike or Tread to take the class – you just choose to turn the class into a Session there.

At this point scheduling is still only available for iOS, and Sessions are still only available for the Bike & Tread.

We first reported last week that the Sessions would be returning and be integrated with Scheduling.

Peloton made a blog post announcing the new feature today as well.

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  • Kelly says:

    I haven’t been able to have my friend join my scheduled class. When I send them the scheduled class it pops up on the app and only lets them start it. No way to add it to their schedule. Have others experienced this differently? I’d like a friend who is a bike owner to start the class at the same time. Is sessions the only way? Please advise.

  • Debbie says:

    Any info on what happens if you can’t start your scheduled class at the exact time you scheduled it? This post says you can start early. What happens to the class if I need to start later?

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