Boxing Contender Challenge

“Boxing Contender” Flash Challenge + Peloton Boxing Badge & New Peloton Boxing Classes Weekly

Peloton is launching a new challenge called “Boxing Contender” to encourage members to try out the new Peloton Boxing content. The challenge begins on February 2 and runs through February 8, and you can opt in here.

The description reads, “Think you can make it to the final bell? Step in and test yourself like never before. Complete 90 minutes of boxing classes to earn your Contender Badge.”

Members must complete 90 minutes worth of boxing in 7 days in order to earn their badge. If you’re interested in acquiring other badges, be sure to check out our complete guide.

Peloton Boxing Contender Challenge
Peloton Boxing Contender Challenge

Peloton also let members know today that they would be adding new boxing classes every Friday. The email reads, in part:

Boxing is finally here! And every Friday, we’re dropping new, on-demand classes, guiding you through a nonstop boxing flow.

In the past Peloton has hinted that additional boxing instructors will be added as Peloton Boxing evolves, but it is unclear whether these Friday drops will still only include the three original instructors: Rad Lopez, Selena Samuela, and Kendall Toole.

Peloton Boxing first launched last December via the Get Hooked program. Boxing classes were previously only available to those taking the program; though you can reference our guide if you want to access the direct class links to take the content a la carte.

However, it was announced this morning that the first live boxing classes will happen on January 28 as part of the Eminem featured artist series.

You can join the Boxing Contender challenge now via the website or from any device – simply navigate to the Challenges page and select the Upcoming tab. Then hit “join” and you will be ready to go on February 2!

Previous Flash Challenges have included:

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Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.

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  • Raesor says:

    I was super psyched to see boxing added to the lineup, and it has caused me to re-engage with my peloton from 0 classes a week to now using the app for classes multiple times a day. However, it feels like peloton got me hooked on a program that isn’t going to have new content consistently enough to keep me engaged. “Get hooked on boxing” has you engage for 5 days, 5 classes in your first week, 3 days, 6 classes in your second. The badge had us do 90 minutes of classes in a week. But now we only get 1 class a week on Fridays going forward? Seems strange to build us up to practicing shadow boxing multiple times a week, and then drop down to one. Additionally, in every class, even those labeled intermediate, they take 3-5 minutes in the start to review basics of stance and punches, which gets old especially if you’ve boxed before using peloton, but eats up a good chunk of class time (especially 10 or 20 minute quickies when you want to crank out a quick cardio sweat before a strength workout). I realize I’ve listed a lot of complaints here, but I do think it’s great training that pushes and engages me more than shadowboxing/bagwork on my own, and the instructors so far have been FANTASTIC! Selena and Rad are awesome and super motivating.

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