New Badge & Challenge – “In The Zone” + Train Smart Collection Updated Again with Power Zone classes

Peloton has a new challenge to motivate people to try power zone rides called the “In The Zone” challenge. The goal is to take 8 power zone rides over the next two weeks (between Oct 26 & Nov 8). You can sign up for the new challenge here.

Improve your performance and overall fitness by taking 8 Power Zone rides in 14 days. Find Matt Wilpers’ suggested classes in the Train Smart Collection. Complete all from October 26-November 8 and earn your next badge.

As alluded to in the description, the “Train Smart” collection, available on the bike tablet & iOS app, has been updated again. Previously, it contained a list of meditation classes, and before that, a set of strength classes. Now, the “Train Smart” collection is a list of recommended power zone classes to try out during the challenge, from Matt Wilpers, Denis Morton, Olivia Amato, and Christine D’Ercole. Note that you can take ANY power zone class to satisfy the requirements of the challenge, these are just ones to try if you don’t know where to start!

Train Smart Power Zone Collection – List of classes & workouts

As you take the power zone classes, be sure to check out the free Power Zone Timer Tool for Peloton. It will let you see a preview of the structure for the ride, get an estimate of the difficulty level, as well as have a countdown run on your phone telling you automatically when the next zone change is coming up!

This is the third flash challenge to be created in the last month. The “Up The Tempo” challenge started at the beginning of October, and “Raise the Barre” was launched the last week of September. Some of the other previous flash challenges have been the Get Up To Get Down, Run 4 Fun, Leap into Action, the Recharge & Restore, Rep & Repeat, and more.

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