New Badge / Peloton Flash Challenge – Source Your Power Beyoncé Challenge

Peloton is launching a new flash challenge on Friday, October 22 called “Source Your Power.” The weeklong challenge encourages Members to take at least six Beyoncé artist series classes from October 22 through October 29. You can sign up and opt into the challenge via the website, through your Bike or Tread touchscreen, or from the app.

The official rules of the challenge read:

This challenge is designed to help you find your power with the inspiration of Beyoncé’s most iconic music. From October 22 to October 29, challenge your mind and your body when you take six Beyoncé Artist Series classes on the Bike, Tread or app. Explore cycling, running, bootcamp, strength, yoga, or meditation to source your power and receive your challenge badge.

Note that while the text of the challenge says 6 classes, the tier notes 7 classes – we will update this once Peloton changes one or the other.

Today is the final day of Peloton’s second Beyoncé artist series, which featured 17 classes over three days from October 19 through October 21. Classes were taught in three languages and included cycling, running, bootcamp, strength, yoga, barre, mediation, stretching, and outdoor content.

The first Beyoncé artist series launched in November 2020 and marked the start of a multiyear collaboration. As of now it looks like Members can take Beyoncé artist series classes from 2021 or 2020 to receive their flash challenge badge. You can find all of the classes by navigating to the “Source Your Power” Collection.

You can also check out the complete list of other Peloton badges in our guide.

Previous Flash Challenges have included:

Will you be opting into the Source Your Power flash challenge?

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