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New Peloton Badge/Flash Challenge: The Super Swiftie Challenge (Taylor Swift)

Peloton has launched a new challenge following the release of the Taylor Swift featured artist series. The Swiftie Challenge starts today and runs through January 7. Members must take three Red (Taylor’s Version) classes to earn their Super Swiftie badge. The challenge description reads:

Feeling 22? Experience all of the heartbreak and all of the hope of Taylor Swift’s music with the Red (Taylor’s Version) Artist Series. Complete 3 classes from the Collection to earn your Super Swiftie Badge and show the world no one tops Taylor Swift.

Peloton Swiftie Challenge
Peloton Swiftie Challenge

You can now join the challenge via your Peloton App, web browser, or device. Navigate to the Challenges tab and scroll to the end of the list of “active challenges.” Hit the join button, and start working towards that badge!

The badge features a red scarf, an iconic symbol of Red (Taylor’s Version). Numerous of the instructors – including Robin Arzón and Anna Greenberg – are pictured wearing a red scarf in the featured image for their classes.

Members have a total of nine classes to choose from including rides, runs, strength, and yoga. The challenge is even mentioned in a couple of the classes, including Robin Arzón’s 30 minute Red (Taylor’s Version) Ride. Note that because the challenge begins on December 26, any classes from the series taken on December 25 do not count towards the goal.

Peloton has run similar challenges following the release of a big artist series in the past. Back in October, they launched the Source Your Power Challenge following the release of the second Beyoncé featured artist series.

If you’re interested in earning more Peloton badges, be sure to check out our complete list here.

Previous Flash Challenges have included:

Will you be opting into The Super Swiftie (Taylor Swift) flash challenge?

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  • Seth says:

    Do you know if the stretches count or which classes count? I did 3 (the stretch, the ride and the core) but I didn’t get the badge! The challenge says incomplete.

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