Image of the Ride the Weekend Flash Challenge badge.

New Badge / Peloton Flash Challenge – Ride The Weekend Challenge

It’s been nearly 2 months since the last flash challenge that was available to Peloton members, but Peloton is back with a quick challenge that is only taking place over the upcoming weekend.

The new “Ride the Weekend” challenge will give you a badge if you take any 2 cycling classes this weekend – from September 24 – 26.

You can sign up and opt into the challenge here, or through your Bike touchscreen or app.

Here’s the official rules for the challenge:

Just because the workweek ends, doesn’t mean the hard work has to. This flash challenge is about clipping in and getting after it over the weekend. Take two cycling workouts from September 24–September 26 to complete the challenge and earn your badge.

Be sure to check out our full list of other Peloton badges, and the classes you need to take to earn them if you enjoy Peloton’s badges.

Image of the Ride the Weekend Flash Challenge badge.
Image of the Ride the Weekend Flash Challenge badge.

Previous Flash Challenges have included:

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