New Badge/Flash Challenge – Countdown to Turkey Burn

Update – Although the challenge bills itself as needing to take 10 minutes of classes a day, for 31 days – the challenge is coded so you get the badge after you’ve taken 310 minutes during the challenge period – no matter which days those minutes took place on.

Peloton will launch a new flash challenge in preparation for Turkey Burn 2022, Peloton’s annual Thanksgiving content. The official challenge description reads:

Join the countdown to our biggest live classes of the year, Turkey Burn 2022, with a challenge to push your consistency. The goal: at least 10 minutes a day for 31 days (10/24-11/24) Small habits to get you ready for our big annual event.

Peloton Countdown to Turkey Burn Flash Challenge
Peloton Countdown to Turkey Burn Flash Challenge

You can sign up and opt into the challenge via the website, through your Bike or Tread touchscreen, or from the App. Make sure you opt in to ensure your progress is tracked!

The challenge begins on October 24, and all members must do to earn their badge is take 10 minutes of Peloton content each day – whether cycling, running, strength, meditation, or something else – during the month. If you’re looking to collect other badges this year, be sure to check out our complete guide.

Peloton celebrates the American Thanksgiving holiday every year, and the Turkey Burn ride is one of their longest traditions. Robin Arzón was the first instructor to teach the class on an annual basis, and Alex Toussaint began teaching an earlier time slot a few years ago. Over the past couple of years the tradition has evolved to include “Heat it Up” classes on Black Friday, and the entire week is branded as “Gratitude Week” full of special content.

You can read about the 2021 and 2020 Thanksgiving content on our site, and you can also find a complete list of all Thanksgiving classes via our guide.

As a reminder, you can sign up and opt into the challenge via the website, through your Bike or Tread touchscreen, or from the App. Previous flash challenges have included:

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