List of Peloton's Thanksgiving Day & Turkey Burn Classes

List of Peloton’s Thanksgiving & Turkey Burn Classes (Rides, Run, Yoga, Bootcamp, Strength, etc)

Peloton has a tradition of helping people work off those Thanksgiving Day calories & turkey with “Turkey Burn” workouts & classes. This was originally a single ride on Thanksgiving Day, but has now grown to a 10+ collection of workouts each year spanning yoga, cycling, running, bootcamp, and more!

This list will show all of Peloton’s Thanksgiving Day & Turkey Burn Workouts (as well as “After Burn”, for the day after Black Friday workouts, or “Bring the Heat” for the few days afterwards). We keep it updated every year as Peloton adds their newest workouts.

Peloton Turkey Burn Thanksgiving Workouts

If you are looking for a year’s classes that aren’t listed yet, Peloton typically announces them 1-2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so stay tuned!