Former instructor Marina Andresen talks about negative job experience after leaving Peloton

Earlier this month, German Tread Peloton instructor Marina Andresen announced that she would be leaving Peloton.

This came as a surprise to many, as she was a relatively new hire to the company – her premiere class had been September 30th. Marina ended up having 43 Tread classes available to members on the platform – although they were all straight to on-demand. None of them were broadcast as live classes.

This short tenure (just over 2 months of teaching classes, although she would have been hired many months before her first class) led to people wondering why she might have left. As is usually the case with these changes, neither Peloton nor Marina provided a reason for the departure.

However, just a week after announcing her departure, Marina made a now-deleted post in a public ultra-running Facebook group. There, she seems to describe working at Peloton as a “shitty corporate job experience”.

She was asking the group for recommendations of ultra-marathon races for her to look at taking part of – with the context of needing a change after her previous job.

You can read her exact post below:

TEAM! I am on a running sabbatical after a very shitty corporate job experience and need some major inspiration for next year.

Anything: Super impressive, stunning, crazy, ideally less than 100K. Location and elevation don’t matter. What has been your most memorable ultramarathon?

I’m looking to run 12 ultras in 2022.
So far on the list: El Salvador 50K, Comrades, Half MDS Fuertevantura, Kassachstan Ironman

Although she describes her experience as a “shitty corporate job experience”, the post doesn’t explicitly clarify whether she quit Peloton, or was asked to leave.

It is worth pointing out that overall, instructor turnover is very low at Peloton, so the circumstances that made working at Peloton less than desirable for Marina might not impact all coaches. Since 2019, only 3 other instructors have left the company: Irene Scholz, Oliver Lee, and Jennifer Jacobs.

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