As has been widely reported now, Peloton’s original Treadmill (now called the Peloton Tread+) has been recalled by Peloton due to safety risks. However, even with the recall, many people still hope to buy one, leading to questions of “When I can buy the Peloton Tread+” or “When will the Peloton Tread+ be available for sale again?”

Unfortunately, Peloton has said they expect it to be several months before the Tread+ is available for sale again – possibly not even until 2022. This is because the safety issues that led to the recall has to do with the design of the Tread+ itself. This means that the fix will require some sort of design change, as well as a change to the manufacturing process. Once Peloton has a proposed change, they will have to submit to the CPSC for review and approval.

The new lower cost Peloton Tread should be a much quicker fix to get it back to market – you can see the latest on when the Tread will be available for sale here.

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Update 2 – The Peloton website has been updated to say the new, lower cost Peloton Tread will be available for sale again on August 30th, 2021.

Update 1 – As of August 16th, the CPSC has approved a fix for the Peloton Tread. The Tread still isn’t available for sale again, but it should be very soon.

Peloton’s new lower cost Tread was not on sale for long before it was recalled and removed from being for sale. A frequently asked question now is “When will I be able to buy the Peloton Tread again”, or “When I can I pre-order the Peloton Tread”

Luckily, it sounds like people will not have to wait too much longer to be able to purchase the new lower cost Peloton Tread again. Although both Treadmills were recalled, the new Tread recall centered around reports that the screws attaching the video screen to the base could become loose and potentially fall off. This is a simpler fix than the issues impacting the original Tread+.

Based on this, Peloton has said they hope to have a fix approved by the CPSC within a matter of weeks. Specifically, Peloton has said they hope that the Peloton Tread could be available for sale again by the end of July 2021. This timeline is based on them getting a quick approval by the CPSC, which isn’t guaranteed.

Once it does become available for sale again, Peloton also hasn’t said if they will continue with a phased rollout or release it everywhere at once. At the time it was recalled, the Tread was only available in a few select markets in the US, with a nationwide release still pending.

If you were wondering when the original Peloton Tread+ might be available for sale again, you can see the latest information on that here.

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We’ve all been there. You’ve just finished a great workout, went and took a shower, and then for whatever reason, decided you wanted to see the whole leaderboard for that class. The good news is – yes, it’s possible! The bad news is, at time of publishing, it’s not possible through the app.

To view the entire leaderboard for a workout after a class is over, (whether it’s a ride, run, bootcamp, or other class style) simply go into your profile on your Peloton Bike or Tread (or Bike+ or Peloton Tread+). Find your workout history, and click on the class you want to see your ranking or full leaderboard of. Once you have the details open, there should be a button to View Leaderboard next to your rank. Clicking that will take you back to the full leaderboard that you can browse and review however you want.

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One common question new members have is around the power on their Peloton equipment. There is a power button that is located on the back of the Peloton touchscreen, or video monitor. This is found on the back of all Peloton equipment: Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike+, and Peloton Tread+. Using this power button will put your Tread or Bike into sleep mode (and power down the screen to standby mode). Alternatively, if you don’t interact with your Bike or Tread for around 20 minutes, it will automatically enter sleep mode on its own.

Knowing that, the question boils down to: Is it necessary to turn off your Peloton Bike or Tread overnight? This is also sometimes asked as Should I leave my Peloton Tread or Peloton Bike in sleep mode when I’m not using it?

The alternative to sleep mode is turning all the power off. On the Peloton Tread, this is accomplished with a small switch found on the base of the Tread. On the Bike, this can be accomplished by unplugging the power cord as it enters at the base of the Bike, or unplugging the power adapter from the wall.

In general, the recommendation is to leave your Peloton Bike or Tread in sleep mode overnight. This will allow it to download any new system updates & features, making sure your equipment is the latest & greatest next time you come to use it. It’s also a quicker boot up time this way, as it’s only in standby mode this way.

However, there are two scenarios where you might want the full power off. There are several lingering bugs on the Peloton platform, like the inability to give or recieve high fives. A full power cycle before working out is known to fix this, so by powering off your Bike overnight, you have this fresh start before riding.

The other downside to sleep mode is that the Bike or Tread will still be drawing a minimal amount of power. If you are trying to maximize your home’s energy savings (and decrease your bill), you might want to completely power it down.

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Some owners of the Peloton tread have run into an issue where after pressing the wake button, rather than turn on as normal, the wake button will instead flash red several times.

The first thing to try is to detach and re-attach the magnetic safety sensor. This can sometimes come loose and cause the Tread to get confused. This isn’t the most common solution, but it’s the easiest to try, so try that first!

If you are still having problems, the next solution to fix this is by doing a complete power down of the Tread. First, find the power button on the bottom right of the Tread base. Turn this switch to off. Unplug the Tread’s power from the wall. Wait somewhere from 5-10 seconds until you hear a “click” sound. Plug the power back in and swap the power switch back to “On”. Wake your Tread back up.

In most cases, this will fix the issue of your Peloton Tread having blinking red lights, and not turning on. An alternative solution, if this still does not fix it or it continues to happen, would be to do a factory reset (you don’t lose any data, but might have to log back in and re-adjust settings).

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An error case that can occur on Peloton bikes and treads is that after boot up, the screen either turns white and stays like that and doesn’t load anything else, or starts flashing or blinking a blank white screen.

Advanced trouble shooting steps involve factory reset (which won’t result in a loss of data, but can be annoying). First, we recommend you try the following steps to solve the issue – it seems to fix the error for a large number of people.

Solution for fixing the Flashing/Blinking White Screen of Death on Peloton

  1. Unplug the power cord from the base of your Peloton (on the Bike/Bike+, this at the very back)
  2. Unplug both cords that go into the back of the tablet/screen
  3. Press both the power button and volume up buttons at the same time. Hold both for 60 seconds
  4. Let go of both buttons, wait 10 seconds
  5. Plug both cords for the tablet back in
  6. Plug the power cord back into the base of your Peloton
  7. Press the power button on your Peloton to turn it back on and hopefully see a fully functioning screen again

If this fails to fix the issue, your next steps might be to try a factory reset, cache reset, or recovery boot. In rare cases a new screen is needed to fix the issue.

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The Peloton Bike+ has a “Auto-Follow” feature that will allow that Peloton to control your resistance automatically. This feature is only available on on-demand rides that have target metrics added. Auto-Follow is not available on live rides. Also, not all on-demand rides get target metrics added – power zone rides, for example, do not, so auto-follow will not work on power zone rides.

Use of the auto-follow feature is optional, but when it is turned on, it will change your resistance as the instructor calls out changes. You can click one button on the screen at any point to turn it on and off, and even with it on, you can override it manually with the resistance knob.

The original Peloton bike does not have the ability to automatically control your resistance.

The Peloton Tread and Peloton Tread+ also do not have the ability to control your resistance automatically.

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Yes, the screen on the Peloton bike and tread has a video camera! It is in the top center of the screen. However, it is not used for the instructors to see you.

Instead, the video camera allows for you to video chat with friends during the ride. You have the option to configure it so the feature is only available to people you follow, or are friends with. Or, you can set it so you can video chat with anyone on your current ride. You also have option to completely disable the feature.

If you click into someones profile on the leaderboard, you will see the option to video chat with them at the top, near their name. However, they also have to have enabled video chatting for you to initiate a chat with them.

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Peloton’s official support topic & video on the subject recommends one use an “an approved electronic cleaner (one made specifically for use with LCD, Plasma, or other flatscreens)” for your tablet video screen. For the tread or bike frame, the recommendation is “use a gentle cleanser or damp cloth to wipe down and remove all sweat. Do not to use soap or water”

This still leaves a wide variety of options. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing your cleaning solution for your Peloton is to not use something with bleach or alcohol.

We polled the Peloton community, and the following products are the most widely used and recommend cleaning products to use to clean your Peloton bike or tread:

Wondering if you should use Clorox or Clorox wipes? Most Peloton installers specifically recommend against it as some have bleach. Let us know if you have any other recommended Peloton cleaning products we should add to our list.

Note – Links to the products above are affiliate links. By clicking through and purchasing, you support our site.

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Ever wonder how loud the Peloton Tread is? Or wonder if it is suitable to install a Peloton Tread upstairs? The concern for most people is if they can hear the Peloton Tread downstairs while someone is using it. The short answer is – most people wouldn’t recommend having it upstairs if you have another choice.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that go into this. First off is your Peloton Tread itself. Due to some manufacturing issues, several early users of the Peloton tread have problems with their base and need them replaced. One of the common issues is people report it is loud – some compare it to a jet engine. Others say while it is loud, it’s not louder than expected. If you are playing music through the built in speakers, and not through any bluetooth headphones, it’s possible the sound of the music would mask the treadmill itself – at least in the room you are in. That would not help with the noise underneath the tread. Here are a few quotes of users who have experience with the Tread being upstairs. Several people report hearing noise, but nothing too crazy:

Our bedroom is underneath the room the tread is in. My husband said it sounds like the furnace kicking on….Doesn’t shake the house~

We have ours upstairs and we don’t think it’s unnecessarily loud or shaking in the room below. No more so than our old tread.

Others have strong opinions about the noise:

We have ours upstairs and the room directly downstairs (our sons playroom) definitely can feel it. We didn’t have any other options so we make it work but if you can I would keep it downstairs.

We put ours upstairs. When you are downstairs it sounds like someone is rolling a bowling ball across the floor continuously. Haven’t noticed shaking though

I have mineup stairs and it rumbles for sure. We have some old windows that rattled a little bit so I added the tractor supply mat underneath and that made a huge difference. I didn’t have a first floor option so it wasn’t going anywhere else.

Put it down stairs if you can…mine is upstairs and it’s just so heavy the floor bounces.

The other biggest factor is the build of your house – including the height of the ceiling, construction of the floor and roof, and other factors. Generally speaking, if it is installed on anything other than concrete flooring, you will have some rumbling and noise. While it isn’t always recommended by Peloton, some people have had success using thick mats (like horse stall mats) underneath the Tread to dampen some of the noise and vibration.

So if you have some people saying that its sounds like a jet engine, and others saying they are able to use it while their baby sleeps in the next room – how do you know if it is right for you? If you have the bike, use that as your baseline. 99% of people report that the Tread is louder and nosier than the bike. Beyond that, you might just have to try it. And if you have the choice between having it on the ground floor and upstairs, if you are concerned about acoustics or noise, go with the ground floor!

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One common concern people who are looking into the Peloton Treadmill have is whether their ceilings are tall enough for the Tread. With a maximum 15% incline, there are certain requirements needed for the Tread. Peloton suggests the following minimum ceiling heights, based on how tall the people using the treadmill will be:

Ceiling HeightUser Height
Up to 7′Up to 5’2″
7′ to 7’6″Up to 5’7″
7’6″ to 7’8″Up to 6’1″
9′All heights

Said another way, if anyone using the tread is over 6′, Peloton recommends that the ceiling be 9′ tall or higher

When the Tread is at 0% incline, the deck height is at 11.5″ and the touchscreen height maxes out at 6′. When the incline is at the full 15%, the deck height is 18″, and the touchscreen height is then 6’6″.

One thing to keep in mind, if you really want the tread, and have drop ceiling panels, it is possible to remove some panels to create some extra head room! Tread instructor Matty Maggiacomo did just that when he had to teach his “Live From Home” classes in the Spring of 2020.

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Although Peloton has showrooms and stores available in both Canada and the United Kingdom, it has been impossible for people to order and get a Peloton Treadmill delivered to them. The issue is rumored to be due to the treadmills size and weight making it hard for Peloton to find reliable companies able to deliver the items to consumers. At this point, it seems that Peloton is waiting for the release of their smaller, cheaper version of the Peloton Tread (information on release date & timing in the linked post). Once that is released, that Treadmill version will then be available for sale in all countries. Since it will be smaller, it should fit in a lot more households and be less of an issue for delivery.

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Yes, the Orange Theory heart rate monitor & band will work and pair with Peloton equipment. Most of the time, it will pair seamlessly and work as expected. If you have issues doing the pairing, make sure to try the initial HR pairing via BlueTooth, as well as making sure the monitor is turned on before joining a class.

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Both the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread can share the same Peloton subscription – your monthly rate will remain at the $39.99 rate.

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It depends. You may have two bikes on the same Peloton subscription, but they can not be ridden, or logged into, at the same time.

If you have two houses, a bike at each house, and there will never be overlap of people riding them, both bikes may share the same Peloton subscription.

If you have two bikes, either at the same house or at two houses but people may be on both at the same time, each bike will require its own subscription.

Note that the official response from Peloton support is that you will need two subscriptions. However, here is the workaround. When you purchase your second bike, your account gets loaded with a second “empty” subscription (which does not start billing you until a bike is activated to it).

When you activate your second bike, you are presented with a screen where you have to choose which subscription to tie the new bike to. You’ll see 2 subscriptions listed. One for your old bike, which will show “In Use”. And a second, new subscription, that shows available. The usual/normal/official method to activate the new bike would be to pick the second available/empty subscription – at which point you would have two active subscriptions, be billed twice, and be able to ride both bikes at the same time.

However, if you instead pick the subscription that is tied to your old bike, your new bike will claim that subscription. Your old bike will then be deactivated. You now are using your new bike, with your old subscription, so are only paying for one subscription. However, at this point, your old bike has no subscription, so if you turn it on, it loads the activation screen. You can repeat the same process to get your old bike back on the same subscription, but when you do that, the new bike then is inactive. This process can be repeated back and forth as you move between your two bikes, but it is impossible for both bikes to be ridden at the same time with this method.

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The right side of the Peloton tablet screen is known as the leaderboard. The names that appear are either people who are currently on the ride live with you now, or people who have previously taken the workout (depending on if you have changed the filters).

The first number, to the left of the profile picture, is your rank on the leaderboard. If you are doing a live ride your rank will be out of the total number doing the live ride. If you do a workout on demand later, your rank will be out of people who happen to also be doing the ride currently. You are able to change your filters to instead see your rank out of everyone who has ever taken in.

The profile picture of any users can be clicked on to send someone a high five.

Next, you will see people’s leaderboard names, as well as the location, bio, and tribes the users are part of.

The last number, on the far right, is your current total output. This is a combination of your resistance and cadence. This number can be used to compare how difficult this ride was compared to other rides, as well as to “race” against other members.

You will also see a line on the leaderboard that says “X minute personal record (YYY) ZZZ”. The YYY is the total output for the ride or workout where you had the highest total output ever, known as your PR or Personal Record. The ZZZ number is your average output required to match the same output as your PR. If your current entry on the leaderboard is above this line, you are on pace to get a new PR. If your current entry is below this line, you are behind your previous PR pace.

What is the Peloton Leaderboard and what does it mean?? The right side of the Peloton tablet screen is known as the leaderboard. The names that appear are either people who are currently on the ride live with you now, or people who have previously taken the workout (depending on if you have changed the filters). #peloton #pelobuddy #leaderboard
What is the Peloton Leaderboard and what does it mean?? The right side of the Peloton tablet screen is known as the leaderboard. The names that appear are either people who are currently on the ride live with you now, or people who have previously taken the workout (depending on if you have changed the filters). #peloton #pelobuddy #leaderboard
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Yes, it is possible to bookmark and save classes on the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, and Peloton digital app! To bookmark a class, click the ribbon at the top right of the class preview screen. The class will then be saved as bookmarked on your profile.

When searching for classes, one of the filter options is to view only the classes you have bookmarked, so you can then easily find the classes again.

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The Peloton bike & tread frequently receive software updates and applies them automatically. When an update is applied, the screen will turn on. If you have your Peloton in the bedroom, you might notice a light randomly appearing – this is from an update being applied. To prevent this from happening, you can either completely power down your Peloton, or throw a towel or screen cover over your Peloton

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Encore rides are pre-recorded rides that are being re-shown in the live workouts schedule. Since they are pre-recorded (usually in the last few days), there is no chance for new athletes to get a shout-out from the instructor. However, since they appear on the live schedule, these rides or runs usually have more athletes take part, resulting in a larger leaderboard. Also, stats & output on the leaderboard are tracked similarly to a live ride – everyone starts at 0 when the class starts (compared to an on-demand ride where you see people’s stats at various points of their own ride). This means you can compete with everyone in the class on the leaderboard.

Peloton FAQ's: Encore rides are pre-recorded rides that are being re-shown in the live workouts schedule. Since they are pre-recorded (usually in the last few days), there is no chance for new athletes to get a shout-out from the instructor. #pelobuddy #peloton #encoreride #encorerun
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Peloton will be adding a pause button to Peloton classes in 2021. During the Homecoming 2021 keynote Peloton CEO John Foley announced that a pause button would be added later in the year. He stated it was being developed to “keep the integrity of the leaderboard intact”. The pause button will only be available with on-demand classes, and not live classes.

Peloton Digital users have had the ability to pause classes in on-demand classes for a while, however, they don’t show up on the leaderboard.

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Get all your burning Peloton questions answered with Pelo Buddy's FAQ page. We have all the answers for Peloton users including information about the Peloton bikes, classes, and more! #peloton #pelobuddy
Get all your burning Peloton questions answered with Pelo Buddy's FAQ page. We have all the answers for Peloton users including information about the Peloton bikes, classes, and more! #peloton #pelobuddy