Yes, the Peloton bike actually does have a brake! The orange knob (the same knob you turn to control your resistance) doubles as the brake. Press down on it and it will stop the flywheel.

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All Peloton consumer bikes come with Look Delta pedals installed. If you need to purchase cleats (the gadget that goes on the bottom of your bike shoes to clip into the bike) to go with the bike, you want to purchase 3-bolt Look Delta Cleats.

You are of course welcome to change out your pedals to any other style that matches your preferences or existing shoes. Many people swap to SPD, or any other system. Changing your pedals on the Peloton will not void your warrant – besides, you can always swap them back if you need to!

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Yes, the Orange Theory heart rate monitor & band will work and pair with Peloton equipment. Most of the time, it will pair seamlessly and work as expected. If you have issues doing the pairing, make sure to try the initial HR pairing via BlueTooth, as well as making sure the monitor is turned on before joining a class.

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Both the Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread can share the same Peloton subscription – your monthly rate will remain at the $39.99 rate.

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It depends. You may have two bikes on the same Peloton subscription, but they can not be ridden, or logged into, at the same time.

If you have two houses, a bike at each house, and there will never be overlap of people riding them, both bikes may share the same Peloton subscription.

If you have two bikes, either at the same house or at two houses but people may be on both at the same time, each bike will require its own subscription.

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The right side of the Peloton tablet screen is known as the leaderboard. The names that appear are either people who are currently on the ride live with you now, or people who have previously taken the workout (depending on if you have changed the filters).

The first number, to the left of the profile picture, is your rank on the leaderboard. If you are doing a live ride your rank will be out of the total number doing the live ride. If you do a workout on demand later, your rank will be out of people who happen to also be doing the ride currently. You are able to change your filters to instead see your rank out of everyone who has ever taken in.

The profile picture of any users can be clicked on to send someone a high five.

Next, you will see people’s leaderboard names, as well as the location, bio, and tribes the users are part of.

The last number, on the far right, is your current total output. This is a combination of your resistance and cadence. This number can be used to compare how difficult this ride was compared to other rides, as well as to “race” against other members.

You will also see a line on the leaderboard that says “X minute personal record (YYY) ZZZ”. The YYY is the total output for the ride or workout where you had the highest total output ever, known as your PR or Personal Record. The ZZZ number is your average output required to match the same output as your PR. If your current entry on the leaderboard is above this line, you are on pace to get a new PR. If your current entry is below this line, you are behind your previous PR pace.

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Yes, it is possible to bookmark and save classes on the Peloton Bike, Peloton Tread, and Peloton digital app! To bookmark a class, click the ribbon at the top right of the class preview screen. The class will then be saved as bookmarked on your profile.

When searching for classes, one of the filter options is to view only the classes you have bookmarked, so you can then easily find the classes again.

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There are 3 different points of adjustment on the Peloton bike. You can adjust the saddle height, move the saddle forward and backwards, as well as adjust the handlebar height. If you go into a Peloton showroom, any of the employees at any showroom will be happy to properly fit you on one of the bikes. All 3 adjustment points have numbers marked on them, so that you can write down your numbers in a showroom and take those back and set your home bike the same! If you wish to figure out your settings at home, one of the Peloton coaches, Christine D’Ercole, has a great video walking you through how the bike should be properly configured and how to do the measurements yourself. You can watch the video below or on her Facebook page

Peloton Bike Setup

Posted by Christine D'Ercole – Peloton on Monday, May 9, 2016

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The Peloton bike & tread frequently receive software updates and applies them automatically. When an update is applied, the screen will turn on. If you have your Peloton in the bedroom, you might notice a light randomly appearing – this is from an update being applied. To prevent this from happening, you can either completely power down your Peloton, or throw a towel or screen cover over your Peloton

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Encore rides are pre-recorded rides that are being re-shown in the live workouts schedule. Since they are pre-recorded (usually in the last few days), there is no chance for new athletes to get a shout-out from the instructor. However, since they appear on the live schedule, these rides or runs usually have more athletes take part, resulting in a larger leaderboard. Also, stats & output on the leaderboard are tracked similarly to a live ride – everyone starts at 0 when the class starts (compared to an on-demand ride where you see people’s stats at various points of their own ride). This means you can compete with everyone in the class on the leaderboard.

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At this time, there is no pause functionality in the apps. Once you start a workout, you must finish it. If you stop a workout early, it will not count as a completed workout in your workout history or count towards any streaks or milestones.

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If you have ordered an accessory package, those will arrive separately from your Peloton bike. They will not always arrive before your installers show up to set up your bike for you.

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