Guide: How & Where To Buy a Used Peloton Bike or Tread

Wonder how & where to buy a used Peloton Bike or used Peloton Tread? We’ve got a full list of options, as well as questions to ask and more.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a Peloton Bike or Tread but are having trouble coming to terms with the price tag, you may consider buying a used Peloton Bike or Treadmill. This can save you hundreds of dollars compared to a new bike, and depending on where you live, you could have a multitude of options available to you. Of course, buying a bike isn’t 100% necessary, as you can still take live classes & workouts through the Peloton app with any stationary bike or spin bike.

In the below sections you will find additional details for each means of purchasing a used Peloton Bike, along with the steps you should take after that purchase.  Note that all of these will work for a Peloton Tread / Treadmill as well!

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Peloton Bike or Tread

Regardless of where you purchase a secondhand Peloton Bike from, there are a number of questions you should ask the seller to ensure you have as complete a picture as possible of what you’re buying.

The first and most important question to ask as a buyer is about any potential damage to the product. Though one would hope a seller would be honest about any hardware or software issues in their original advertisement, this is not always the case. Definitely make sure to ask whether there is any physical damage to the Bike (such as scratches on the frame or screen, cracks in the resistance knob, peeling on the Peloton decal, or any signs of rust); as well as any software issues (such as the screen taking an unusually long amount of time to turn on or trouble installing updates). It is also crucial to know whether the Bike makes any strange noises (such as pedal clicking or sounds from the bearings), as this could lead to costly repairs down the line depending on the issue.

You’ll also want to know how much the Bike has been used. Sellers will typically provide a ballpark number of rides, and they will often charge more if the Bike has only been used a small number of times. If the Bike has been heavily used, the price should be lower.

It’s also important to know which generation of Peloton Bike you’re considering. There are three generations of Peloton display screens, and the older generations should warrant a lower cost.  The original generation (with an orange power button) is no longer supported, and isn’t receiving new features. The seller should be able to provide this information based on their Peloton account. You should also ask when the Bike was originally purchased, and whether the seller is the first owner (or if they bought it second hand as well).

Finally, it’s good to ask whether any accessories are included with the Bike. Many sellers will include any additional Peloton purchases they no longer have use for without the Bike – such as weights, cycling shoes, or a bike mat – for discounted or even no additional cost.

Sellers should be willing and able to answer each of these questions. After all, even though you’re receiving the Bike at a discounted price, it’s still a big purchase. If it’s an option, you may even want to ask the seller to let you test the Bike before you make your final decision.

If you’re not sure if a Peloton Bike is for you, you can always head a showroom, some hotels, or even some gyms and try out a new Peloton Bike there first before buying one new or used!

Best Places to Buy a Used Peloton Bike (Or Peloton Bike+): How & Where to Find a Used Peloton Bike or Tread

There are a number of options for buying a used Peloton Bike. All of these options – except for the rare occasions that Peloton will offer refurbished bikes to a specific zip code, which we’ll discuss more later – are unofficial, individual sales done on a person to person level. Just as you can buy pre-owned furniture, you can buy a pre-owned Peloton Bike.

Buying a Used Peloton Bike on Craiglist (or Tread)

One of the original online advertising sites, Craigslist allows you to view items for sale in your specific area. Navigate to the “for sale” section and then search “Peloton.” The Peloton Bikes (and potentially any other Peloton products available for sale) will be listed first, and will contain a title, price, and location.

In order to initiate a conversation with the seller, you hit the “reply” button on the posting. This will give you a unique Craigslist email that you can copy and paste into an email draft. Note that you must use your personal email address, unless you create a Craigslist-specific email account to use to avoid giving out your personal information.

You’ll then correspond with the seller directly to negotiate price and potentially schedule local pickup or delivery. Craigslist recommends against the use of wiring cashier checks, money orders, and shipping to avoid scams.

Buying a Used Peloton Bike on Facebook (Facebook Groups / Peloton Buy Sell Trade)

The Facebook Marketplace is a very common place to see used Peloton Bikes for sale. If you have a Facebook account you can navigate to the “Marketplace” option of the left sidebar. Search “Peloton” to see all of the items available for sale near your location. You can then message the seller to ask if the item is available and any additional questions.

There is even an unofficial Peloton Buy Sell Trade (BST) Facebook group that you may consider joining. The group is a space for people to list Peloton accessories, apparel, and hardware such as Bikes and Treads. The group rules state that all listings must include a description of the item’s condition and any known issues with the product. However, the group is national – so many of the posts will likely be from outside your area.

There are also many local/regional Peloton groups in which people may post a used Bike. Though many of these groups are more general, they are a good place to monitor in case something pops up for sale near you. We have a list of local Peloton groups, along with all the instructor groups and more on our site here.

Buying a Used Peloton Bike on EBay

eBay is another one of the original online marketplaces. Unlike some other sites, it is not separated by location, so you’ll have to retroactively filter by location after running the initial search for a Peloton Bike (unless you’re able to find someone willing to ship, but this is rare and will come at a hefty extra cost).

In contrast to other online marketplaces, eBay operates in part as an online auction. The seller can set a timed auction, and users place bids on the product. Each new bid must be higher than the previous one. This means that many of the Peloton Bikes listed will start out at a fairly low price, but they’ll end up with a high number of bids that can drastically drive the price up.

Some listings will have a “buy it now” option to avoid getting involved in bids, but this means the price is set and there is no room for negotiation. In some cases you can make an offer lower than the “buy it now” price and the seller has to respond within a certain time frame to accept it or make a counter-offer.

No matter what, be sure to scroll down on each eBay listing to read the product description. This is where you’ll learn of the condition and any defects. When in doubt, contact the seller to obtain additional information.

Also, be sure to check under “seller information” to view their feedback. This will help you determine whether they’re reputable.

Buying a Used Peloton Bike on NextDoor

NextDoor is another option for finding used Peloton Bikes for sale near you. NextDoor is a neighborhood social networking site that also has a “for sale & free” section.

You’ll need to have a NextDoor account to be able to view listed products and message the seller. When you sign up, you’ll need to identify your specific neighborhood. Then, when you go to search available products you can tailor that search to “just my neighborhood,” “nearby neighborhoods,” or the “broader local area.”

Though it’s definitely possible to find used Peloton Bikes for sale on NextDoor, depending on where you live, you might see less options than other marketplace sites.

Does Peloton Sell Used Bikes?

Peloton does not currently sell used Bikes. However, they will occasionally offer refurbished Bikes at a discounted price in certain areas.

In the past, Peloton has quietly made offers to some Peloton App users allowing them to purchase a refurbished Peloton Bike at a $300-$400 discount. They’ve also run similar offers in both New York City and Chicago.

Peloton has expressed interest in launching a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program in the future, but nothing has been announced yet. This CPO program would take the original Peloton Bikes that were traded in for the Bike+, refurbish them, and offer them at a discounted price.

How much is a used Peloton Bike?  How much should I pay for a used Peloton Bike? How Much Does a secondhand Peloton Bike+ or Bike Cost?

There is not a set price for a used Peloton Bike. The prices can vary widely based on how old the Bike is, its condition, and how much it has been used.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you should not pay full price for a used Peloton Bike. The current prices to buy direct from Peloton sit at $1,745 for the original Bike and $2,745 for the Bike+. However, the vast majority of used Bikes available online will still cost at least $1,000 – likely more. If the Bike is in good condition, you can expect it to run between $1,500 and $1,700 for the original Bike, and upwards of $2,000 for the Bike+. Because the Bike+ was only released in late 2020, there are significantly fewer available for second hand purchase.  If you see an abnormally low price, proceed with caution – there’s a good chance it could be a scam.

Can you get a warranty on a used Peloton Bike? Does the warranty transfer on a used Peloton Bike?

When you buy a used Peloton Bike, no matter if it’s only a day old, the warranty does not transfer over, and Peloton will not provide service plans to products not sold by them.

Peloton states on their website, “Bike warranties and extended warranties are only applicable to the original Bike owner or any person receiving the covered product as a gift from the original purchaser at time of original installation per our Limited Home Use Warranty and Extended Warranty Coverage. Neither warranty is transferable.”

This means that Peloton service plans are only available to the original owner of the product. As the new owner of a used Peloton Bike, you would need to pay for any repairs out of pocket. It’s worth noting that this can be quite costly depending on the issue. For example, a replacement touchscreen from Peloton costs $500.

Does Peloton sell refurbished bikes? Can I buy a refurbished Peloton Bike?

Peloton occasionally offers refurbished Bikes at a discounted price to customers in specific zip codes. They’ll typically do this by sending emails to Peloton App users in certain areas to inform them of the opportunity to buy a refurbished Bike at a discounted price.

However, Peloton co-founder John Foley has expressed interest in launching a Peloton Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program in the future. This program would take original Peloton Bikes that were traded in for the Bike+, refurbish them, and offer them at a discounted price. This program has not yet been officially announced.

What to do after buying a used Peloton?

The first thing you should do after buying a used Peloton Bike is activate it, and you’ll need to contact Peloton Support to do this. Make sure you have the original owner’s email address that they used to purchase the Bike from Peloton. By providing this information to Peloton Support, they will be able to transfer the ownership to your account. You’ll then log in using your Peloton account information directly via the Bike, and complete your setup there and be spinning in no time.

Keep in mind that your subscription fee will change if you are going from the app to a Peloton Bike or Bike+.  The cost of the app is $13.99 per month, while the subscription cost is $39.99 per month (plus sales tax) to have it work with a Peloton Bike.  However, this gets you access to features like Peloton Lanebreak, Scenic Rides, full metrics, and more.

If your used Peloton Bike did not come with accessories, be sure to check out our Accessories Guide to learn about all the products you may consider to ensure you’re set up for success. The core accessories you’ll need are cycling shoes, bike weights (three pounds or less that will fit in the Bike weight rack), and a Bike mat (to protect your floors from all that sweat). Our Gift Guide also contains recommendations that will help you get the most out of your Peloton experience.

Finally, be sure to check out our FAQ page for any additional questions you may have, and subscribe to the PeloBuddy newsletter to stay up to date on all things Peloton!

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