When will the Peloton Tread be available for sale again?

Peloton’s new lower cost Tread was not on sale for long before it was recalled and removed from being for sale. A frequently asked question now is “When will I be able to buy the Peloton Tread again”, or “When I can I pre-order the Peloton Tread”

Luckily, it sounds like people will not have to wait too much longer to be able to purchase the new lower cost Peloton Tread again. Although both Treadmills were recalled, the new Tread recall centered around reports that the screws attaching the video screen to the base could become loose and potentially fall off. This is a simpler fix than the issues impacting the original Tread+.

Based on this, Peloton has said they hope to have a fix approved by the CPSC within a matter of weeks. Specifically, Peloton has said they hope that the Peloton Tread could be available for sale again by the end of July 2021. This timeline is based on them getting a quick approval by the CPSC, which isn’t guaranteed.

Once it does become available for sale again, Peloton also hasn’t said if they will continue with a phased rollout or release it everywhere at once. At the time it was recalled, the Tread was only available in a few select markets in the US, with a nationwide release still pending.

If you were wondering when the original Peloton Tread+ might be available for sale again, you can see the latest information on that here.

Chris L
Chris is the founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and has been riding and running ever since. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.

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