What should I use to clean my Peloton Bike or Tread?

Peloton’s official support topic & video on the subject recommends one use an “an approved electronic cleaner (one made specifically for use with LCD, Plasma, or other flatscreens)” for your tablet video screen. For the tread or bike frame, the recommendation is “use a gentle cleanser or damp cloth to wipe down and remove all sweat. Do not to use soap or water”

This still leaves a wide variety of options. The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing your cleaning solution for your Peloton is to not use something with bleach or alcohol.

We polled the Peloton community, and the following products are the most widely used and recommend cleaning products to use to clean your Peloton bike or tread:

Wondering if you should use Clorox or Clorox wipes? Most Peloton installers specifically recommend against it as some have bleach. Let us know if you have any other recommended Peloton cleaning products we should add to our list.

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