Peloton Instructor Susie Chan Writing a Book – “Trails and Tribulations: The Running Adventures of Susie Chan”

If you enjoy books written by Peloton instructors, get ready to add another book to your 2024 reading list! Peloton instructor Susie Chan has written a book that will be released in a few months.

The book is called Trails and Tribulations: The Running Adventures of Susie Chan. It is 256 pages in length and will be released on on paperback in the US August 6, 2024. The eBook copy of the book is scheduled to come out June 6, 2024. You can pre-order via Amazon (affiliate link) now.

Bloomsbury is the publisher, and there is not yet a description for the book available at time of publishing. You can also pre-order via the publisher.

Cover of Susie Chan's book "Trails & Tribulations: The Running Adventures of Susie Chan"
Cover of Susie Chan’s book “Trails & Tribulations: The Running Adventures of Susie Chan”

Susie is an endurance runner, and recently completed the Badwater 135 mile race this past July – often considered the most demanding and extreme race in the world. When she completed that race, she became the first European woman to complete the 3 major events of the Badwater cup.

The title of the work suggests her Badwater adventures will be included in the book.

The table of contents has been released, and give an idea of what to look forward to in Susie Chan’s upcoming book:

1. Marathon des Sables
2. An Average life
3. The Joy of Running / Training
4. Marathon des Sables 1: Preparation and the journey to the Start Line
5. Marathon des Sables 1: The Full Race
6. Selflessness vs Selfishness
7. Thames 100
8. Marathon des Sables 2
9. Why Do You Run?
10. Jungle Ultra
11. 24hr Track Tooting
12. Community & Characters
13. Marathon des Sables 3
14. Getting Older
15. 12 hr treadmill world record
16. World Marathon Majors
17. Health Wobbles
18. Other 100s
19. Underground events
20. Marathon des Sables 4
21. Race support and giving Back

It has been a jam-packed year for Peloton authors. Robin Arzón, Emma Lovewell, Cody Rigsby, Ben Alldis, and Alex Toussaint all released books in 2023; Ross Rayburn and Mayla Wedekind both have books coming out in early 2024; and Matty Maggiacomo and Christine D’Ercole have shared that they are currently writing books. We have a complete list of Peloton instructor books available via our site.

You can preorder Susie’s book Trails & Tribulations via Amazon.

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