Rumor: Peloton Rowing Bootcamp Classes to launch after the Peloton Rower is here

Newly uncovered data indicates that Peloton could be planning to develop rowing bootcamp classes when the Peloton rower eventually launches.

Bob Treemore recently shared on Twitter that he found some data in a publicly available web file pointing towards a “caesar_bootcamp” class type. We know from previous reports that Caesar is one of the codenames for the Peloton rower (it has also been referred to as the “Mazu” device originally), so this would indicate work on a Rower Bootcamp class.

Since Bob made that report, a second reference has been found. However, rather than using a codename, the second reference clearly stated both “Rowing” and “Rowing Bootcamp” as class types.

This news tracks with Peloton’s recent emphasis on bootcamp content, which pairs strength training with cardio. The first-ever Boxing Bootcamps launched in January; Rebecca Kennedy began offering Hiking Bootcamps that include no running or jogging in March; and a new Floor Bootcamp Program with Selena and Jess Sims became available exclusively on the Peloton Guide last month. Prior to that, Bike Bootcamp was unveiled in September 2020. Based on this uncovered data, it appears that Peloton is looking to offer bootcamp content on all of their devices (Bike, Tread, Guide, and now the upcoming Peloton rower).

This is the latest in a series of clues about what Peloton’s rowing device and content could look like. We shared a few weeks ago about a new hire at Peloton who was helping Peloton develop rowing, and training new & existing coaches. Other previous rumors regarding the Peloton rower have hinted that there could be both indoor and outdoor Peloton rowing classes, with coaches actually out on the water similar to scenic content. A few weeks ago, Peloton added their first scenic meditation classes. In addition, we reported last summer that the Peloton rower could offer real-time form feedback.

Though Peloton has not officially announced the rower, there has been a long list of evidence that Peloton is developing a rowing product and content. The most clear indication was the plans for a rower testing studio in the Peloton Output Park, which was scrapped when founder and former CEO John Foley stepped down earlier this year.

Of course, we still don’t know the exact timing of the Peloton rower launch. However, reporting from The Financial Times back in February indicated that the Peloton rower could be announced as early as this month, either at the May 10th earnings call or at 2022 Homecoming.

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