Peloton Celebrates Earth Day with Special Classes including first Scenic Meditation class

April 22 is Earth Day – the annual event that supports environmental protection and preservation – and Peloton is celebrating with a set of special classes.

Included in that is the first-ever scenic meditation led by Mariana Fernández, which was filmed in Puerto Rico. Mariana shared her excitement on Instagram:

¿Qué onda Pelotón? It’s Earth Day tomorrow 4/22 and every day I’m grateful for the opportunity to experience the elements and scenery of our very own Mother Earth… Let’s reconnect with nature and be grateful for everything that our planet affords us. Tomorrow- meet me in the heart of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Forest for a special 10 min Earth Day Scenic Meditation in English to do just that 🌍💚
It was a privilege to film our first scenic meditation in this treasure of a landscape in Puerto Rico… 🇵🇷🌳🍃
✨I hope this class inspires you to get outside and move and remember that we have the most beautiful playgrounds on this Earth… ✨
How do you plan to celebrate the day? and be sure to check out all of our other Earth Day classes on demand! 🌍💚

As of 2021 scenic content has only been available to Bike and Tread owners, but this special scenic mediation is available to all users.

Peloton has also made this class available through their YouTube channel. You can find it here, or embedded below.

There is also a new meditation with Kirra Michel; a yoga class with Nico Sarani; an outdoor run with Selena Samuela; and a live ride with Mayla Wedekind. The complete class list is below:

Peloton Earth Day Classes for 2022 & Schedule & Workouts

If you’re collecting badges this year, there is not one available for any of the Earth Day classes.

Happy Earth Day!

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