New Peloton “Your Monthly Strength Stack” Collection for February 2022 with Daniel McKenna

A new month calls for a new monthly strength stack! February features a first-time strength stack instructor, Daniel McKenna.

This month’s strength stack contains 11 classes and requires four active days per week with three days of rest/active recovery. In his Instagram story, Daniel explains that he has split the week into two halves: upper body and lower body, with some core and warm-ups “sprinkled in.” The stack also contains one HIIT Cardio class, and numerous new warm-up and stretching classes.

Daniel recommends two consecutive days of strength work to kick off the week, followed by one day of rest before the final two days of strength work. This month’s stack does not include any full body classes (except for one warm-up) – Daniel has separated everything out by upper body, lower body, and core.

Below is the complete list of curated workouts, which you can also find in the “Your Monthly Strength Stack” collection on the Bike, Tread, or App:

Peloton Strength Stack Day 1 with Daniel McKenna – February

Peloton Strength Stack Day 2 with Daniel McKenna – February

Peloton Strength Stack Day 3 with Daniel McKenna – February

Peloton Strength Stack Day 4 with Daniel McKenna – February

This is the first time Daniel has been the featured instructor for the monthly strength stack. He first joined the Peloton team back in August 2021 and also teaches running and bootcamp classes on the Tread. Daniel will be doing an Instagram Live with Robin Arzón at 3:00 p.m. ET on February 1st to discuss the new strength stack.

Though you can’t view old collections directly via the Peloton platform, you can find the complete list of classes included in previous monthly strength stacks below.

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