New Peloton “Your Monthly Strength Stack” Collection for January 2022 with Robin Arzón

Peloton is kicking off 2022 with a new monthly strength stack featuring Robin Arzón! This is Robin’s first time as the featured instructor for the monthly strength stack, and she shared her excitement in an Instagram post earlier this week:

Hustlers! 🔥 I’m bringing you the JANUARY STRENGTH STACK. 💪🏽This month’s stack is all about laying the foundation for accomplishing new strength goals in 2022.
Here’s how it works: I’ve curated 4 days worth of strength classes for you to take every week in January. You’ll repeat the same stacked classes every week with a fresh perspective, aiming to improve your performance each time around. Maybe that means picking up a heavier pair of weights, or getting an extra round in during an AMRAP. The point is to keep leveling 🆙 And don’t forget to take your recovery seriously. You should be taking a break from strength training the other 3 days of the week.
Check out my stack selects in the “Your Monthly Strength Stack” Collection on the @onepeloton App, Bike, or Tread. Let’s go, fam! We start today. 💪🏽

This month’s strength stack contains 12 classes and calls for four active days per week with three days of rest/active recovery. Robin recommends three consecutive days of strength work to kick off the week, followed by one day of rest before the final day of strength work. Each stack includes a strength-specific warm up, and Robin has included full body, bodyweight, upper body, glutes & legs, and core classes in the content.

Robin explains that she designed the stack to help members lay the foundation for their 2022 strength goals. She focuses on four themes that are important to her and assist her in maintaining her daily habits. For week 1, Robin encourages members to “focus on one specific goal” rather than having a multitude of goals going at one time.

Below is the complete list of curated workouts, which you can also find in the “Your Monthly Strength Stack” collection on the Bike, Tread, or App:

Peloton Strength Stack Day 1 Classes with Robin Arzón – January 2022

Peloton Strength Stack Day 2 Classes with Robin Arzón – January

Peloton Strength Stack Day 3 Classes with Robin Arzón – January

Peloton Strength Stack Day 4 Classes with Robin Arzón – January

This is the first time Robin has been the featured instructor for the monthly strength stack – likely in part because she was on maternity leave when Peloton first launched the monthly strength stacks in February 2021. Though you can’t view old collections directly via the Peloton platform, you can find the complete list of classes included in previous monthly strength stacks below.

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