New Peloton “Your Monthly Strength Stack” collection for July with Matty Maggiacomo

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new strength stack collection. Although the All For One Music Festival is still happening, that isn’t stopping Peloton from releasing the new collection for July, featuring classes from Matty Maggiacomo.

To introduce the new stack, Adrian (who led last month’s stack) and Matty took to Instagram to chat about the new program. You can find it here, or below:

Here is the official description for July’s Strength Stack with Matty Maggiacomo:

Welcome to Matty’s summertime Strength Stack! For July, Matty recommends kicking things off with two days of back-to-back work, and one day of active rest before wrapping out the week with a dose of HIIT Cardio and Full Body exercises. Let’s GO!

The following is the list of curated workouts in the collection. And as the description says, be sure to add rest days as needed.

Strength Stack Day 1 with Matty Maggiacomo for July

Strength Stack Day 2 with Matty Maggiacomo for July

Strength Stack Day 3 with Matty Maggiacomo for July

Strength Stack Day 4 with Matty Maggiacomo for July

If you’d like to check out any of the previous months strength stacks, you can find them on our previous articles. There is the February classes from Andy Speer listed here, the March classes with Rebecca Kennedy here, April classes with Selena Samuela here, May classes with Jess Sims here, and last month’s strength stack with Adrian Williams for June here.

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