Peloton discounts on Amazon Prime Early Access: $220 off Peloton Bike, $45 off Peloton Guide, 25% off Peloton Heart Rate Band & Peloton Cycling Shoes (Altos)

Amazon is having a special 2 day sale called “Amazon Prime Early Access”. With Peloton products now being available on Amazon in the US, it’s possible to get some discounts on Peloton hardware and accessories through this sale. Items on sale include the original Peloton Bike, Peloton Guide, Peloton HR Band, Peloton shoes, and more like some weights, and the bike mat. Unfortunately, there are not discounts on the Peloton Tread, Peloton Bike+, or Peloton Row through this promotion – none of those products are listed yet for sale through Amazon.

We’ve listed a few of the major items on sale below – links are affiliate links – they don’t cost anything extra if you use our links, but you do support the site by doing so. You can also view Peloton’s store page on Amazon here to see all the products that are available (whether they are on sale or not).

One thing to keep in mind is that Black Friday is also coming up at the end of November. There is no guarantee that Peloton will have a Black Friday 2022 sale or what they will be – but you can get an idea of what their past Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales have been here.

Peloton Bike Discount on Amazon Prime Day Early Access – $220 off (15%)

The original Peloton Bike is available today & tomorrow for $1,225 – a 15% off discount ($220 savings) the normal $1,445 price. You can choose to have it shipped to your door and you assemble it yourself. Alternatively, there is a free assembly option as well in most major markets.

Peloton Guide Discount on Amazon Prime Day Early Access – $45 off (15%)

The Peloton Guide is discounted down to $250 – a 15% off saving ($45 savings) over the normal $295.

The Peloton Guide recently added rep counting features, and it was also revealed that monthly membership price for those who only have the Guide will stay at $24 past the end of the year (previously it was scheduled to go up to $44/month).

Peloton Heart Rate Band Discount on Amazon Prime Day Early Access – $22.50 off (25%)

The new Peloton Heart Rate band is on discount to $67.50 – a 25% off discount ($22.50) the regular $90 price.

This is the new heart rate band that officially made for sale earlier this year. Most members have found it is more accurate than Peloton’s previous chest-based heart rate band – though not everyone finds they enjoy wearing it on their upper arm.

However, Peloton has also made Apple Watches work as a heart rate band on all product types & class types this year – potentially removing the need for a dedicated heart rate band/monitor for some members.

Peloton Cycling Shoes Discount on Amazon Prime Day Early Access – $31.25 off (25%)

The original Peloton cycling shoes are available for $93.50 – a 25% off discount ($31.25) the regular $125 price.

This is the model of shoes Peloton has sold with the bike for the last several years – not the newer model that was released earlier this year. However, those (the Peloton Altos cycling shoes) are also available for sale.

Note you won’t see the discount until you pick your shoe size in the drop down.

Peloton Altos Cycling Shoes Discount on Amazon Prime Day Early Access – $31.25 off (25%)

The newer Peloton Altos Cycling shoes are also available for a 25% off discount. These will cost $108.75 – saving you $36.25 from the regular $145 price.

This model of the shoes was released at the beginning of the year. They are designed with a more breathable/lightweight mesh material which are lighter on your feet. They also have quick-release velcro straps designed to make swapping between floor and bike for bootcamps easier.

Like the regular shoes, you won’t see the discount reflected until you pick a shoe size in the drop down.

Other Peloton Accessories & Apparel for Sale

Peloton has a number of other accessories & apparel available for discount through the Amazon sale today. You can browse them here.

These include the Peloton Bike Mat, some of the Peloton dumbbell weights (not every weight is on sale), and more.

With the apparel, keep in mind that Peloton seems to be having more and more flash sales on their own apparel through their apparel store, so you might see apparel items for deeper discounts there if you don’t need them right away.

All of these discounts do require you to be an Amazon Prime member – you can sign up or start a 30 day free trial here.

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