Peloton launches new “Train Smart” strength collection

Peloton has added another collection to their iOS app and devices. The newest addition is called the “Train Smart” strength collection.

Picture of program from Peloton app

This collection is described as “Curated classes to give you the most effective training and get the most of your workouts”

Instructors of the Train Smart program include Rebecca Kennedy, Adrian Williams, Robin Arzon, Andy Speer, Jess Sims, Olivia Amato, and Selena Samuela. However, we have to assume Matt Wilpers was involved in the naming of the program, as “Train Smart” is one of his catch phrases.

The initial set of classes are all 10 minutes in length, and range from core strength, full body workouts, bodyweight strength, and then more targeted workouts for specific muscle groups

Train Smart Strength Collection – List of classes & workouts

This sounds somewhat similar to the “Your Weekly Training Plan” collection, launched in June. That collection was described as “Curated strength classes by Rebecca, just for you.” However, after the initial week of classes, no additional content was ever added.

We’ll wait and see if new classes are added as part of the new “Train Smart” collection, or if this is a one and done program.

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  • bmfc1 says:

    Peloton continues to provide more programs to iOS customers and not Android customers even though both pay the same amount. Peloton is aware of the discrepancy but refuses to take an intermediate step such as an email about the new programs. As an Android subscriber I would not know about this collection if not for Pelo Buddy.

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