Peloton creates new 1 week training program: Train Like Allyson Felix

This summer, Peloton is promoting their Peloton Champions Collection – a collaboration with 9 different pro athletes, such as Usain Bolt, Allyson Felix, and more. So far Peloton has tried a few different ways of promoting this.

First, there was the addition of the “Special Guest” leaderboard filter. This has allowed you to ride with or race against some of the pro athletes on random rides.

Peloton has also been creating suggested weekly stacks with some of the pro athletes. These stacks are supposedly ones that the Champion athlete has curated themselves – but the classes themselves don’t have any tie in to the athletes.

Now, Peloton is taking it one step further and has created a special one week training program so you can “Train Like Allyson Felix”. Peloton announced the program on their blog earlier this week.

Here is how Peloton describes it:

Now, it’s your turn to be part of Allyson’s community with Peloton’s Train Like Allyson Program. Designed in collaboration with our very own instructor Jess Sims, this exclusive Program takes you through a week of training inspired by Allyson’s workouts, in classes with Jess, Selena Samuela and Kristin McGee. You’ll tap into Peak Performance meditations to visualize your success before taking on HIIT runs that simulate Allyson’s own speedwork sessions on the track. Of course—as Allyson emphasized when building the Program with Jess—you’ll warm up before you get moving, cross-train with Strength for Runners classes and take time for active recovery with walking and yoga. Remember, this Program is accessible to athletes of all levels, and know that Allyson will be cheering you on every step of the way: “In Peloton classes I just love seeing the joint effort—seeing other people’s milestones and accomplishments is so rewarding!”

You can find links and descriptions to each day of classes here.

Unlike the previous stacks Peloton has done for the Champions Collection, the classes in this program were recorded just for the program – and include talking about Allyson in them, and specific mechanics you are working towards.

You can find a list of all of Peloton’s Training Program here.

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