Peloton CEO remains “hopeful” about relaunch of Tread+

Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy is apparently “hopeful” about a potential return of the Tread+. A Reddit user shared that they recently emailed McCarthy to inquire about the Tread+ and received the following response:

Todd: I’m hopeful we will be able to relaunch the tread+. We continue to work closely with the government to make that happen, but they control the timing. Meanwhile, be confident that we will continue to support tread+. Regards -Barry

As a reminder, the Tread+ – Peloton’s original Treadmill that launched in 2018 – has not been available to purchase for over a year due to a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recall. The recall was announced following the death of a child and numerous injury reports stemming from objects, people, and pets being sucked under the treadmill. After initially maintaining that the Tread+ was completely safe to use, Peloton voluntarily complied with the recall and has not sold any Tread+ devices since.

The recall on the Peloton Tread+ is through November 6, 2022. This has led many members to speculate that even if Peloton has a fix ready for the Tread+, it won’t be brought back to market before then, otherwise members could simply return their old Tread+, and get a brand new one for essentially free.

Though a frequent question asked by members, Peloton has not shared any news about the potential return of the Tread+. In fact, the company has barely acknowledged the issue since their December 2021 earnings call when founder and former CEO John Foley indicated that Peloton’s goal is to resume sales of the Tread+.

At that time Foley explained that Peloton “remains hopeful that we’ll be able to return the [Tread+] product to the US market at some point,” however, “at this point we can’t comment on a proposed timeline.” He further clarified that Peloton has not yet found a fix for the Tread+ and has not yet submitted anything to the CPSC for approval. He maintained that Peloton is “hard at work developing hardware modifications to further enhance the safety profile” of the Tread+ – but that once they did, they would then still have to submit it to the CPSC for approval.

Last month in preparation for members to return in-person to the studios, Peloton quietly swapped out all the Tread+ devices for Treads.

You can view the complete Reddit thread related to this development here.

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