Peloton on Tour Atlanta schedule to be released Wednesday (7/19) with tickets onsale Thursday (7/20)

This past weekend, Peloton successfully wrapped up their first weekend of the Peloton on Tour in Los Angeles.

Now, attention turns towards the second Peloton on Tour weekend, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia from August 17-19th, 2023. Technically, the event be just north of the city in Alpharetta.

The original schedule of events called for the list of instructors who will be attending and full schedule to published today (July 17th), with tickets going on sale tomorrow (July 18th) at 12:00pm ET.

However, Peloton shared today that they want to be sure they have time to incorporate feedback from the weekend in Los Angeles, California into their plans, and are slightly delaying the schedule announcement & ticket on-sale.

That means that now the full schedule and list of instructors attending Peloton on Tour in Atlanta, Georgia will be announced on Wednesday, July 19th.

Members will be able to buy tickets for the Atlanta Peloton on Tour stop starting at 12:00pm ET on Thursday, July 20th. If you’re planning to buy tickets, be sure to check out some tips & tricks about booking Peloton on Tour tickets to be aware of ahead of time.

This amounts to a 48 hour delay from the original plan of announcement.

Assuming the general format stays the same, expect tickets to cost $60, and there will be 3 main events (with separate tickets required for each one): a Peloton Instructor Experience, Outdoor Walk & Talks, and the chance to watch a class taping. It also seems likely there will be another large, free, group workout event added for Atlanta as well.

Peloton teased that “Don’t forget each city’s itinerary is unique to its footprint!”

There will also be a Peloton Leaderboard awards for Atlanta as well. If you don’t know who to submit, don’t forget that Chris (#PeloBuddy), the founder of Pelo Buddy, lives in the Atlanta area 😉

If you’re curious about what the Peloton on Tour is actually like, or which event you should buy tickets for – we have full details & photos from every event from this past weekend. See our articles below for details about each of the events:

Will you be trying to get tickets for the Peloton on Tour in Atlanta / Alpharetta?

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