Peloton Hosts Conversation with Timbaland on TikTok while Teasing Producer Artist Series Next Week

Renowned music producer Timbaland joined Peloton instructors Camila Ramón and Chelsea Jackson Roberts for a conversation on TikTok ahead of his featured producer series next week.

Peloton x Timbaland TikTok Event
Peloton x Timbaland TikTok Event

The collaboration was unveiled in a special event hosted on TikTok on January 31, offering a blend of music, wellness, and conversation. The collaboration showcased Timbaland’s upcoming wellness album – called “Yellow” – and also teased his producer artist series, scheduled for February 8 on Peloton.

Camila joined from an office, and Chelsea joined from the Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) yoga studio. Approximately 1,000-2,000 people were watching live at various points throughout the virtual event. Timbaland took part in an interactive Q&A session, answering questions about his dream collaborations and revealing lesser-known facts about some of his songs.

A song from Timbaland’s upcoming “Yellow” album was played for the audience while Chelsea led a meditation. Chelsea teased that members would be able to hear the same song during her upcoming 10 minute meditation that will debut as part of the producer series. In addition, Camila will teach a Timbaland class in Spanish. Members can We expect the full class list to be revealed early next week, and we will share all the details once we have them.

Peloton x Timbaland TikTok Event
Peloton x Timbaland TikTok Event

This will not be the first time Peloton has hosted a producer series – they have also previously held classes for Max Martin and Pharrell Williams – and it is also not the first time they have showcased Timbaland. In 2021 Peloton held a Verzuz series with Timbaland and Swizz Beats.

In case you missed it, just last month Peloton announced a partnership with TikTok, resulting in the creation of a #TikTokFitness portal on TikTok – or a new “fitness hub” on the app. You can read all of the details via our overview article.

Timbaland’s “Yellow” album is scheduled to be released later this year. You can read the full details of Timbaland’s collaboration with Peloton and his upcoming wellness album via Digital Music News.

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