Peloton Max Martin classes. Image credit Peloton social media.

Max Martin Peloton Classes & Workouts – Featured Producer Series

Peloton has announced their next artist series – technically a producer series in this case – will feature the music of Swedish pop songwriter Max Martin. Peloton shared the news via Instagram:

Test your music knowledge 🤨 Jump into our new Max Martin Producer Series featuring iconic songs by Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys, The Weeknd, Britney Spears, and more. Then, keep the party going with the @andjulietbway classes which feature hits from across Max’s career 👏🏼

The post included a video featuring instructors Matty Maggiacomo and Mariana Fernández playing a little game of music trivia.

The series will launch on Thursday, August 24 and will include eight classes across five modalities, including three classes in German. Everything will drop straight to the on-demand library – there will be no live classes taking place in this series. You can find the complete class list below:

Max Martin Peloton Classes & Schedule & Workouts – Featured Producer Series

  • 30 min. Max Martin Ride – Cody Rigsby – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 30 min. Max Martin Walk + Run – Becs Gentry – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 20 min. Max Martin Full Body Strength – Matty Maggiacomo – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 20 min. Max Martin Power Flow – Mariana Fernández – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 15 min. Max Martin Row – Katie Wang – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand]
  • 20 min. Max Martin Ride – Benny Adami – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand, German]
  • 10 min. Max Martin Arms & Light Weights – Charlotte Weidenbach – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On,Demand, German]
  • 30 min. Max Martin Run – Tobias Heinze – 8/24/23 @ 10:00am ET [On Demand, German]
Peloton Max Martin classes. Image credit Peloton social media.
Peloton Max Martin classes. Image credit Peloton social media.

Members can expect to earn an artist series badge for taking any of the Max Martin producer series classes. If you’re searching for additional badge opportunities, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide.

If you want to browse previous Peloton artist series, you can find a complete list on our site. Note that Peloton held special & Juliet classes this past April – a hit Broadway musical that features songs written by Max Martin.

Peloton has also had specific artist series dedicated to many of the artists whose songs will be included, such as Britney Spears, The Weeknd, and more.

Will you be opting into Peloton’s Max Martin producer series classes?

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