Report: Peloton Rower to be confirmed during Homecoming; full details & orders later this year

Update – Peloton did tease the rower at homecoming as “Coming soon” – you can read about it here and see the teaser video.

For those who have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for something official about the long-rumored Peloton Rower, your wait is likely finally over.

We are hearing updated rumors that Peloton will in fact finally confirm & unveil the Peloton Rower this weekend during Peloton Homecoming.

While the Peloton Rower will be officially confirmed, this weekend is rumored be more of an official tease for the rower rather than a full launch.

Our data indicates that while we will finally be getting an official confirmation of Peloton’s rowing machine, it will be a longer wait for full details. The tentative plan is for members to be able to buy and have the rower in their homes by the end of this calendar year (possibly as early as this fall).

Note that these timelines are always subject to change.

With the Peloton Rower finally getting confirmed, the next question will invetiably be which Peloton instructors will be teaching rowing classes – and we unfortunately do not have confirmation of that. However, it’s possible Peloton will start revealing that information as well once the rower is officially announced to the world.

A previous report indicated Peloton had hired a consultant (who was a former rowing coach & studio owner) who has been working with Peloton to develop the rower & rowing classes. This involved training both new & existing coaches to teaching rowing classes.

We also saw recent data indicating that in addition to rowing classes, Peloton also will likely have rowing bootcamp classes.

We first heard that Peloton was looking to potentially launch the rower this month back in February thanks to a report from The Financial Times. At the time they stated “Two people familiar with the matter said it could be announced before or at “Homecoming”, an annual event for Peloton fans to be held on May 13.”

Of course, this is not the first time the Peloton Rower has been rumored to make its debut. In November 2019, Bloomberg published a report saying Peloton planned to launch a rower sometime in 2020.

Other big news we might possibly hear at Homecoming this weekend? The exact dates for the Peloton Studios to open again to the public. Although it has been confirmed to be “Summer 2022”, a specific date has yet to be mentioned.

Will you be buying a Peloton Rower?

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