Report: Peloton Row classes will eventually be available on the Peloton App as confirmed by Row Product Designer

Peloton recently held an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on the r/pelotoncycle Reddit, during which it was confirmed that rowing classes will eventually be available on the Peloton App.

The forum featured instructors Katie Wang and Alex Karwoski, along with Peloton Row Product Designer Nick Breeser. They answered a range of questions about the device itself, class styles, and how to fit rowing into your regular fitness routine.

However, one question continued to pop up repeatedly: when will Peloton rowing classes be available to those who do not own a Peloton Row?

As a refresher, when the Peloton Row was finally launched and began its presale phase in September, Peloton shared that rowing classes would be locked to Row owners at launch. In replies to social media comments, Peloton stated that the full catalog of Peloton rowing content would be locked to Row owners, and that existing members would only be given a small selection of classes to take on other rowing devices.

Even as the rower started shipping last month, Peloton did not share any information about if and when the content would become available to members who don’t own the Row. This means that even if you’re an All Access member – which has historically had access to all content on the Peloton platform – you cannot currently access the rowing library. A number of rowing classes were briefly available to all members on the web browser, but they have since disappeared.

However, Peloton replied to a question in the Reddit thread confirming that classes will eventually become available on the App, and the question was answered by Peloton Row Product Designer Nick Breeser:

Question: I already love my Concept2! Are there any plans to release rowing classes that I can see with my existing All-Access Membership?

Answer: Although Row classes are currently accessible only on the Row, in the future they will be available on the App ^Nick

Peloton Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Thread about Peloton Row classes in app.
Peloton Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Thread about Peloton Row classes in app.

It is noteworthy that Peloton still has not shared a potential timeline, or whether all of the rowing classes will become available, or just a selection.

It is possible that Peloton is waiting for the new app tiers to launch before they add rowing content, as it could make up some of the locked content that will not be available to all levels of users. In case you missed it, we shared earlier this month that Peloton is likely to implement tiers for their digital app. You can read more about the rumored tiered digital options here.

In addition, another user asked about when live rowing classes will commence. Peloton answered that they do not have an exact date, but they are “working hard” to make it happen. We have previously shared that live Peloton rowing classes are expected to begin in “early 2023”.

Peloton Reddit "Ask Me Anything" Thread about live Peloton rowing classes.
Peloton Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Thread about live Peloton rowing classes.

You can view the complete Reddit thread here. Are you eagerly awaiting the arrival of rowing classes on the Peloton App, and the arrival of live classes?

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