Peloton Rowing Classes Now Available on the Peloton App (mostly – if you have App+) and to All-Access Members

It’s been a long time coming, but Peloton Rowing classes are now available on the Peloton App, and through the Peloton website, to a wider group of members. This also includes rowing bootcamp classes.

(Update – Note that they might not show up immediately for you, Peloton is toggling them on for the millions of members, so it might take a few hours or days for them to show up in your app for you – but they are coming. They started showing up for us around 12:00pm ET).

Specifically – if you are a Peloton All-Access Member (you own a Bike, Tread, or Row), you can now see and take Peloton Row classes through the Peloton App, as well as Peloton Row bootcamp classes. Previously, only Peloton Row owners could see the classes through the Rower itself – and even those owners could not see or taken Peloton Row classes through the app. Now, any hardware owner can access Peloton Row classes through the app.

Additionally, Peloton App members who are signed up for the highest tier of the app, known as the Peloton App+ (which at time of publishing costs $24 USD / month), can also take all Peloton Row + Row Bootcamp classes. They can take as many as rowing & rowing bootcamp classes as they want each month.

Those members who subscribe to the entry level paying tier of the Peloton App, also known as Peloton App One, are able to take 3 rowing or rowing bootcamp classes a month. This tier currently costs $12.99 USD / month. Members on this tier of the app can pick and choose almost any rowing classes to take, but will be able to take at most 3 each month. To take more than 3 classes per month, they will have to upgrade to the Peloton App+ membership tier.

If you are on a free trial of the Peloton App, you will not be able to take rowing classes.

Peloton Guide owners will also be able to take rowing classes through the Peloton App, as they will have the equivalent access level as Peloton App+ through their app. At time of publishing, it’s not clear if the Peloton Row classes will be visible on the Guide itself, or only to the app. We will provide an update here once we are able to confirm this.

And note that just like for the scenic Tread and scenic running classes, scenic rowing classes are only available to be taken on the Peloton Row itself. Peloton’s Scenic Rowing classes can not be taken on the app, even if you have the highest Peloton App+ tier, and that is not expected to change in the near term. This change was made several years ago as part of Homecoming 2021 with the relaunch of new scenic classes.

These changes come today as part of the relaunch of the Peloton app brand, and the official introduction of the new Peloton App tiers. If you missed it, there’s also a new Peloton Gym feature available in the app as well.

Until today, Peloton had been saying that rowing classes were exclusive to the row at launch, but that “A small subset of Rowing classes will be available at a later time on iOS, Android and web for existing Members to trial” That appears to have changed with the launch of the new Peloton app tiers.

In case you missed it, the Peloton Row is also expected to expand to the United Kingdom in the coming months. Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy shared at the end of last year that the Row was undergoing certification testing in the UK – a necessary step to start selling it there.

In addition, Peloton is also expected to start having live, in-person rowing classes at Peloton Studios New York that members can attend, just like the running, cycling, yoga, and strength classes. No exact timeline was given for this, but a Peloton spokesperson made the comment in an interview with Forbes earlier this year.

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