Rumor: New Pricing Tiers (Peloton App One & Peloton App+) for app users coming in 2023 with limits on number of classes you can take per month on lower tiers

New information has surfaced, courtesy of Bob Treemore on Twitter, that indicates what some of the changes to the Peloton App could be in 2023. As we’ve previously covered in detail – Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy has talked many times over the last several months about how Peloton plans to change up their digital strategy in 2023, and that includes new pricing tiers.

UpdatePeloton’s App Tiers officially launched on May 23, 2023.

Before diving into these changes, note that at this time, the information does not point to any changes to the Peloton All-Access membership – which is the membership you have if you own the Bike, Tread, or Row. These changes and new tiers described below are currently believed to only apply to those members who only have digital access – or those who subscribe without purchasing any hardware.

Also keep in mind that this information at this point is rumored, and could possibly still be subject to change before launch (including the final tier names).

According to Treemore, the highest level tier for Peloton Digital users that will be available will be called “Peloton App+”. This version is likely to include unlimited access to the majority of class types. In many ways, the Peloton App+ subscription could be similar to what members currently have on the Peloton app today. It would also likely include either an unlimited number of classes per month or a much higher limit than lower-tier plans.

A lower level tier on the Peloton app will be known as the “Peloton App One”. The big differentiator here will be that this tier might be limited to only being able to take a certain number of classes a month. Additionally, it’s rumored that App One might not have access to as many class types or modalities. Treemore does not elaborate on this, however, one could see a scenario where the App One plan only has access to a subset of class types – and users can either opt in for a small upgrade to other class types, or that is used as a nudge to upgrade to the Peloton App+ tier.

In addition, Treemore reports that some classes on Peloton might begin to be flagged as “premium”, or exclusive, classes. It’s not clear yet what criteria will be used to designate a Peloton premium class. However, access to the premium classes is likely to be another differentiator between the Peloton App+ and Peloton App One subscriptions. This could work in a number of ways: App One users can’t access premium classes, while App+ users can. Or, it works based on a credit system, and App One users get a small number of premium class credits, while App+ users get a higher (or unlimited) number of premium class credits.

This designation of some classes as “premium” lines up with comments from the past year by McCarthy – who specifically mentioned in the Q4 2022 earnings call that:

“There’ll be various price points and you’ll have access to different kinds of content depending on how much you pay for the digital app.”

Later on, McCarthy said:

“I’m going to hold off on talking about the digital strategy until we roll it out, other than to say that it will have a premium component and there will be a gated component”

Treemore reports that the App+ tier might also grant those subscribers access to “special events”. It is not yet known what would be considered a special event – but with all the recent appearances of celebrities appearing in the studio for classes, one could imagine those celebrity appearances being considered special events.

One data point not mentioned in Treemore’s report is a third “freemium” tier – which McCarthy has previously said is in the works. In that same earnings call, McCarthy had said:

“And with respect to the digital app strategy, I had previously told investors that I wanted us to pursue a freemium strategy, we are going to implement that.”

Based on the other proposed tiers above – we could hypothetically see a freemium tier where Peloton hand-selects a limited number of classes, which are possibly rotated out at certain intervals, that are available to users who are not on the App One or App+ tiers. Those freemium users could take those classes as many times as they wanted – but if they wanted access to more of the on-demand library, would have to upgrade to one of the paying tiers. The assumption would be that users are going to love the free classes, and that will entice them to upgrade to a paying membership where they can have more access. Given Peloton’s naming scheme, and with one of the pricing plans being called “App+”, one could see Peloton naming this freemium tier just the “Peloton App” tier (compared to “App+”), or something more generic like “Peloton App Basic.”

Unfortunately, the information shared today does not give an indication of what the price point will be for the Peloton App One and Peloton App+ tiers. However, Treemore points out that it does appear members will have the option to subscribe either monthly or annually – which we previously reported about at the beginning of November.

You can see Treemore’s original Tweet with the information here.

What are your thoughts on these new rumored pricing plans & tiers for the Peloton app?

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  • upnorth says:

    I think it’s a terrible decision and will leave many app users frustrated and angry.


    I wish they would just give the option to MUTE THE INSTRUCTOR. It’s getting ridiculous this has been years of customers asking and instead its now just more and more chatting and instructors singing.

    I just cancelled my subscription. Peloton wont listen and frankly until you stop with having people in charge of content be content creators who think they are the best and their pointless stories about their kids or the shoutouts about users names are worthy of the microphone, Peloton will continue to lose customers.

  • Silly response says:

    If you want to mute the instructor, what’s the point of actually using Peloton?
    Just put on some music and do your own ride/workout.
    What made Peloton what it is today is the instructors. They have followers who take a genuine interest in their chatter and makes them feel more connected, like they know that person. It’s a different feeling than just going to the gym or riding alone because it gives a sense that they are there with you as a companion. Pushing you to do better, not give up, and just shooting the breeze like any other person.
    The stories and talking also help the classes feel like they finish quicker.
    I have my preferred instructors because there are many different personalities, and some of them I don’t relate to.

  • Brian says:

    I don’t think their request was silly at all. Sometimes I just want ride to the workout plan set by the instructor and hear the music that is matched to it, but I don’t need to here a distracting rambling about so and so got their 500th ride.

    I would like to see a Netflix mode, so I could put a show and do a nice long casual ride.

    I also have a row machine I bought several years ago and feel that it is lame that our all access membership doesn’t include row classes unless you buy the Peleton rower.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Peleton and their ecosystem, but feel like they could improve in these areas.

  • Jenny says:

    I’ve had and loved my Bike since 2018. But this month I canceled my subscription. All of the recent Peloton changes that have affected me personally feel less about improving the user experience and more about bumping up the company’s bottom line. Then there’s the stuff like the lawsuits. And the price increase, to pay for tons of features I don’t use — and conversely, even with the price increase for my “all access” membership I’m blocked from Row classes. (I have a rower I bought years ago that I like. I don’t want to buy the peloton rower.) I find nonsensical that an “all access” membership is so restrictive, and this is one of many reasons why Peloton and I are now, sadly, parting ways. I’ve resumed my pre-peloton fitness: yoga, weightlifting, swimming, running and walking. I feel pretty good.

  • Kerryw says:

    I have just bought a peloton plus last week, I really like it but I’m considering sending it back after the 30 day trial is up. £40 is the very limit I would pay for subscription and the new rumoured tier and payment changes have me concerned. I know that the changes are only supposed to affect the peloton app but I can’t help but feel that changes to all access will happen very soon and will lock premium rides behind a pay wall and also have a tier system. I may just send the peloton back and get a spin bike that’s not locked to a subscription like a keiser. I don’t trust peloton as a company to make the right choices

  • Kimberly Wood-Saldana says:

    Then how could they offer annual pricing today? Monthly & annual. Are they going to change something now and then change it again, in a month???
    Whiplash continues…

  • Ricky Connolly says:

    About time. Peloton has been undercharging app users as the content is much better than other competitors. I am glad that Peloton is taking steps to become a profitable company for long term survival.

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