Peloton Lanebreak Now Available on the Peloton Tread+

Nearly seven months after debuting on the Tread, Peloton Lanebreak has finally made its way to the Tread+.

This feature has started rolling out over the last 24 hours. As always, these features sometimes can take a little while to roll out to all members, so it might not be available on your device just yet.

Popup on Peloton Tread+ advertising Lanebreak.

Lanebreak can be found in the “More” tab alongside Scenic Content and Just Work Out – or listed in the on-demand library along with instructor-led classes.

Peloton actually teased this last week in a @PelotonStudios Instagram post that highlighted recently released features. The video showed instructor Matt Wilpers discussing several new features, including Lanebreak on Tread+. However, that feature had not yet been released and the video was deleted within approximately an hour of being posted.

Lanebreak on Peloton Tread. Image credit Peloton.
Lanebreak on Peloton Tread. Image credit Peloton.

Lanebreak is Peloton’s video game exercise format that was designed for the Peloton Bike. Lanebreak initially launched on the Bike in February of 2022, but was not added to the original Tread until June of 2023. It was only available on the basic Tread, not the Tread+ – until now. In 2022 we reported that Peloton was “actively exploring” adding Lanebreak to the Tread, as confirmed by Peloton Senior Director of Product Management David Packles at a 2022 Homecoming panel.

Just last month Peloton added numerous new features to Lanebreak, including the ability to stack classes, filter in the on-demand library and updated colors. Peloton also made a couple of Tread-specific Lanebreak updates, such as adding estimated distances to difficulty levels and a new “walking” option.

If you’re a Tread+ owner, are you excited to have access to Lanebreak on your device?

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