The Future of Peloton Content & Gaming: Highlights from the 2022 Homecoming New Content Experiences Panel

Peloton’s annual Homecoming event made a lot of news – with numerous new features and programs announced, and a teaser for the long-awaited Peloton Rower. Most of the news was found within the keynote address, but there were also a lot of interesting details shared within the panel events throughout the weekend.

In particular, the New Content Experiences panel explored ways that Peloton can strengthen their gaming platform and add new features. The panel included DJ John Michael, instructor Becs Gentry, and Peloton Senior Director of Product Management David Packles.

Becs posed the question: what does the future look like for unique content experiences at Peloton? The panelists discussed numerous potential ideas, all tying back to a “diversity of needs” and the idea that everyone is motivated by different things.

First, Peloton is definitely looking to expand Lanebreak, the video game that rolled out to Bike and Bike+ devices earlier this year. Whether by adding mechanics, updating the visuals, or adding music elements, Peloton will continue to build upon their gaming feature. This includes expanding Peloton Lanebreak to the Tread, which David confirmed Peloton is “actively exploring.”

The panelists also focused on the idea of branching out into new elements, but at the same time trying to integrate those elements into an immersive experience. David shared:

“Imagine a world where, you know, an interval workout that is being instructed by you [Becs] is slightly different than a hills ride or a music-based ride. And we’re using, you know, visuals – whether they’re 3D representations, or audio, or whatever it is – to create like a kind of integrated immersive experience…That’s how we see the future of our platform evolving over time.”

The panel also discussed scenic content, which members can expect more of in the coming weeks and months.

One thing is clear: Peloton is focused on content that goes beyond the traditional instructor class.

You can watch this specific segment of the New Content Experiences panel via YouTube, or embedded below:

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