How do I fix a clicking noise my Peloton Bike / pedal / cleat is making?

See also: How do I stop my Peloton pedals from making a clicking noise?
Or: There is a random clicking noise from my Peloton bike. Help?

First off, your bike should not be making random clicking noises. However, there are a few quick trouble shooting steps you can try before you have to reach out to Peloton support for next tier support.

The first thing to try when a random clicking noise is coming from the pedal area is to make sure your cleats are tight in your bike shoes. Get the screwdriver out and make sure they are completely tight.

The next area to look at is your pedals – specifically the part where the the cleat clips into the pedals. These sometimes have adjustments or screws that can come loose. Take care that, unless you intended to, you are not adjusting the float setting that would allow more flexibility of your cleats in the pedal.

Finally, if your bike isn’t 100% level, the clicking noise could be from one of the feet of the Peloton bike slightly tapping up and down on the floor (this would be more noticeable if your bike was not on carpet). Be sure all feet are level. You can also check the lock nuts on the feet as well, and make sure those aren’t loose and tapping on things.

One reader reported a rarer problem: the clicking noise on their bike was caused by a crank arm alignment issue – “Peloton diagnosed the problem right away as an issue with the bike’s crank arm alignment (a short video was provided). A technician is coming out this week to replace it”

If you’ve had a random clicking noise from your Peloton bike, and it was fixed by a different solution, let us know so we can provide trouble shooting tips on it for others!

Chris L
Chris is the founder of Pelo Buddy. He purchased his Peloton in 2018, and has been riding and running ever since. You can find him on the leaderboard at #PeloBuddy.


  • Jessica Leong says:

    Hi Chris,
    I noticed a clicking noise on my right pedal after only having the bike for less than a month. I found your article online and tightened the cleat and the float setting. Unfortunately, it continued to make the same sound after adjustments. Peloton diagnosed the problem right away as an issue with the bike’s crank arm alignment (a short video was provided). A technician is coming out this week to replace it.

    I really appreciate your site and all the useful information it provides, especially to new riders.

    Thank you,


  • Cal Taylor says:

    Our bike has a clicking sound coming from the bottom bracket. It sounds almost like when you put cards in the spokes of your bike as a kid. Not quite as loud, but similar. We bought the bike a year ago and it started last summer. It is most noticeable at low RPM’s. We’ve reached out to Peloton and are waiting to hear back. Any ideas?

  • Phebe says:

    I have the same issue on the right side. I first thought it was the shoes or the clips. But it wasn’t. I sent a video to peloton and was told I need to have right crank arm repaired. Crank arm and crank arm bolts are shipped and waiting for the service to be scheduled. Peloton told me I could still ride the bike while waiting for it to be repaired.

  • Simon Bowler says:

    Same problem on the bike+, seems to be unfortunately common. And Peloton can’t come to fix it due to only operating threshold repairs (vs my bike on the top floor!) – anyone know any interim solutions / how to replace or repair a crank arm?

  • JZ says:

    I just had this clicking issue as well, on both pedals, after only one week… So far tighetening my cleats as well as making sure the pedal is tightened at its connection to the crank arm has eliminated the clicking.

  • Erica says:

    I’ve had my Peloton for about two weeks and noticed a clicking sound coming from possibly the left side (or at least when I push down on my left pedal) when I am in the standing/third? position. Cleats are tight, will check pedals next. Hopefully that works. Otherwise, I would be disappointed if there are issues this early on… will update the final solution.

  • Briana mckiddy says:

    This is my current problem, clicking on the left foot, downward stroke when out of the saddle. Peloton has told me to check the footings, will see if that fixes it.

  • Thomas says:

    Have had these exact same issues and have only had the bike for a month. Tried all the suggested fixes to no avail and have submitted a case to Peleton – no response yet. I’m sure the recall on their treadmill isn’t helping service times right now. Fairly expensive piece of equipment to already be having these issues.

  • Andy says:

    I have the same issue on left side when I stand. Have checked cleats and tightened all adjustments but still clicks and drives me crazy. Any suggestions? Does not click when sitting

  • Lisa Alexander says:

    What did you find out. I have the sam issue.

  • Brenda says:

    I just had the same issue and started a chat with them on their app, it took like 10 minutes. I sent them a video and they scheduled a repair tech to come next Wednesday. They think its a broken bottom bracket on my left pedal.

  • Lars says:

    Same issue here. Unfortunately I bought a second hand bike and Peloton refuse to fix it. Any idea what might fix. Thanks for any hints

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