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How do I adjust the Peloton bike (how to do a proper bike fitting)?

There are 3 different points of adjustment on the Peloton bike. You can adjust the saddle height, move the saddle forward and backwards, as well as adjust the handlebar height. If you go into a Peloton showroom, any of the employees at any showroom will be happy to properly fit you on one of the bikes. All 3 adjustment points have numbers marked on them, so that you can write down your numbers in a showroom and take those back and set your home bike the same! If you wish to figure out your settings at home, one of the Peloton coaches, Christine D’Ercole, has a great video walking you through how the bike should be properly configured and how to do the measurements yourself. You can watch the video below or on her Facebook page

Peloton Bike Setup

Posted by Christine D'Ercole – Peloton on Monday, May 9, 2016

Chris L
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