Peloton Resumes Bundling Shipping & Delivery with Bike & Tread Cost – No Effective Price Change

Last month Peloton quietly made another change to the way they break down pricing for Bike and Tread devices by including shipping and delivery costs in the displayed price. Note that the total effective price of each device has not changed since April of 2022 – Peloton is simply once again reframing it as an all-in-one price that is inclusive of shipping and delivery.

At the end of January Peloton unbundled the shipping and delivery costs from the original Bike and Tread in the United States. This effectively created a price increase of $250 on the Bike and $350 on the Tread.

In April Peloton lowered the price of all of their hardware – a change that was made in correlation with the announcement of their first-ever subscription price increase. At this time shipping and delivery were still an additional cost for the Bike and Tread.

April 2022 Peloton Bike pricing - shipping & delivery separate.
April 2022 Peloton Bike pricing – shipping & delivery separate.

However, in mid-July Peloton quietly resumed bundling shipping and delivery as a part of the total cost. The total effective price did not change at all; shipping and delivery were just no longer separate line items that were broken out from the total cost.

When you visit the Peloton website you’ll no longer see the “plus delivery and set-up ($250)” on each Peloton Bike package. Instead, you’ll see a higher upfront total with a note that the price “includes delivery and set-up.”

July 2022 Peloton Bike pricing - shipping & delivery bundled into total price.
July 2022 Peloton Bike pricing – shipping & delivery bundled into total price.

The same goes for the Peloton Tread. Note that the Bike+ has had shipping and delivery bundled throughout all of these changes.

As a reminder, the current price of the original Peloton Bike is $1,445; the Bike+ is $1,995; and the Tread is $2,695. The Tread+ is not currently being sold due to last year’s recall – though CEO Barry McCarthy reportedly remains hopeful about a potential relaunch.

If you want to read in more depth about the changes in price of Peloton equipment over time, check out our overview article.

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