Examining the Pricing of the Peloton Bike Over Time (and Peloton Tread & Bike+)

While Peloton pricing was relatively consistent in the early years, for the last several years Peloton has made a number of price changes to their products.

In light of these significant developments, it’s worth taking a closer look at Peloton’s pricing over time, as there has been some considerable variation over the past few years.

Below is the standard pricing of Peloton Bikes dating back to 2017 for US customers in $USD, as well as the Bike+ and Tread once they were made available. These numbers include shipping and delivery costs, whether those were considered “free” or an additional $250 or $350. Note that all of these numbers are for the base models without any accessory packages.

Price of Peloton Bikes over time (and Peloton Bike+ & Tread)

Date Event Bike Bike+ Tread
2017 $2,245 N/A N/A
~2017-2019 (Periodically) Delivery now included $1,995 N/A N/A
9/9/20 Bike+/Tread Announcement $1,895 $2,495 $2,495
8/26/21 Bike price drop $1,495 $2,495 $2,495
1/31/22 Delivery fee added back $1,745 $2,495 $2,845
3/1/22 Treat Yourself Discount $1,445 $2,195 $2,545
3/21/22 Treat Yourself Ends $1,745 $2,495 $2,845
4/14/22 Price Drop $1,445 $1,995 $2,695
8/12/22 Price Increase $1,445 $2,495 $3,495
11/14/22 2022 Black Friday $1,145 $2,195 $3,195
12/8/22 2022 Holiday $1,245 $2,295 $3,295
12/26/22 New Year’s Sale $1,195 $2,245 $3,245

Though prices remained relatively steady in Peloton’s earlier years, 2020 was the start of a series of adjustments made to the price of the original Peloton Bike. When Peloton announced the new Bike+ and lower cost Tread in September 2020, the standard Peloton Bike price dropped $100 to $1,895.

Less than one year later in August of 2021, Peloton again reduced the price of the original Bike, this time by $400 to $1,495. Only five months later, Peloton added the cost of delivery back to the price for the Bike & Tread, which effectively increased the cost by $250-$350.

Yet, two months later Peloton announced the Treat Yourself, Treat Your Friends discount, which essentially knocked off the shipping/delivery cost plus a little extra, bringing the price of the original Peloton Bike to $1,445; the Bike+ to $2,195; and the Tread to $2,545. Those prices held for about three weeks before the discount expired on March 21, 2022.

In April 2022, Peloton dropped the price of their hardware, while raising subscription costs. With that price change, the cost of the original Peloton Bike today was $1,445. The Bike+ sat at $1,995, and the Tread at $2,695. Remember that the original Tread, the Tread+, is still not available for purchase in light of the 2021 recall.

Then in August 2022, Peloton announced that prices were going up. While the price of the original Peloton bike did not change, the Bike+ was raised in price to $2,495, and the cost of the Tread was increased to $3,495.

Even amidst the numerous overarching price adjustments, Peloton has repeatedly held short-term deals throughout the year. This second table includes some of those short term deals for the Bike+ (note that not all deals are listed, as many required the purchase of an accessory package). These numbers include the delivery cost and apply to the base model without an accessory purchase.

Price of Peloton Bike+ over time, including short term discounts

Date Event Bike+
9/9/20 Bike+ Announcement $2,495
11/15/21 Start Black Friday $2,145
11/30/21 End Black Friday $2,495
12/4/21 December Bike+ Sale $2,295
12/26/21 New Year’s Sale $2,195
1/9/22 End New Year Sale $2,495
3/1/22 Treat Yourself Sale $2,195
3/21/22 End Treat Yourself Sale $2,495
4/14/22 Price Drop $1,995
8/12/22 Price Increase $2,495
11/14/22 Black Friday $2,195
12/8/22 Holiday Sales $2,295
12/8/22 New Year’s Sales $2,245

Peloton took Black Friday as an opportunity to knock between $150-$350 off of hardware purchases in 2021. Only the Bike+ received a discount on the base package, while the original Bike and the Tread required the purchase of an accessory package. Note that Peloton did not hold any Black Friday sales in 2020, and prior to that their Black Friday sales only included free accessory packages.

The following month in December of 2021, Peloton announced a $200 discount on the Bike+. The next month, Peloton offered a New Year’s sale on both the Bike+ and the Tread, discounting between $150-$300.

Peloton also periodically offers refurbished Bikes at a discounted price, most recently in March of 2022 with an offer that runs through April 24. 

Clearly Peloton has been exploring different price options throughout the years. Earlier in 2022 they took things a step further by performing price testing via the One Peloton Club, which is essentially a way to rent a Peloton Bike and bundle the cost of the Bike with the monthly subscription fee. The pricing structure depends on the market, and the One Peloton Club is only currently available in nine states. You can read about sample pricing for the Atlanta market, for example, in our recent article.

There have been a lot of prices changes to keep track of over the past couple of years, and it will be interesting to see whether the latest pricing holds, or if Peloton adjusts yet again.

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