Post from Peloton advertising the original launch of the "Just Work Out" feature.

Peloton Teases New “Offline” Mode To Just Work Out App Feature

In their Q2 2024 earnings letter, Peloton hinted at a new update for the “Just Work Out” feature: offline mode. The investor letter states:

“For App, we launched frequently requested features like Offline Mode for our ‘Just Work Out’ tracking feature.”

However, we have not yet gotten any reports from members who have seen this feature in their app – indicating that CEO Barry McCarthy is hinting at something to come.

Post from Peloton advertising the original launch of the "Just Work Out" feature.
Post from Peloton advertising the original launch of the “Just Work Out” feature.

Peloton already has a “preload” feature that allows members to take a class (mostly) offline through the app. You must have an active internet connection to actually start the class – but once you begin the class, it won’t use data or internet, as the video and audio will have already been downloaded. The feature is especially useful for taking classes on the go, or when you’re concerned about maintaining a stable internet connection.

Note that the preload feature only applies to instructor-led classes – there is currently no ability to utilize Just Work Out while offline (not connected to the Internet). This appears to be changing soon based on the latest investor letter from Peloton.

For those unfamiliar, the Just Work Out feature allows members to receive Peloton credit for any workouts completed outside of a Peloton class. The feature launched in 2022 and soon expanded to new modalities. Peloton also added “Just with Goals,” which enables members to add a specific goal – such as a particular distance, time, or output – to their workout while on a hardware device.

For any other news you may have missed from Peloton’s latest earnings call, check out our overview article for all the details. You can read Peloton’s full Q2 2024 earnings letter via the investor website.

Would offline mode in Just Work Out be useful to you?

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