Peloton testing preloading of classes (not for full offline use) in latest version of iOS App

Peloton has quietly rolled out a new feature to some users of the Peloton Digital iOS app, which will allow you to pre-download classes for better performance.

While the most obvious use case of this would be for offline use, so you could do your workout without internet, a informational message states that the while class will be downloaded for better performance, you must still have an internet connection to start a class or workout.

If you have the feature, a new “Preload” button will appear after clicking into a class (on the same popup window that you click “Start”). Clicking the button will show a confirmation dialog, confirming the size of the download and reminding you a connection is still required to start the class. You will also have a new “Preloaded Classes” button at the bottom of the classes tab on your app. The list of classes that you have chosen to download will appear here.

This feature is not yet available for all users, and it remains to be seen if it will be released for everyone (we hope it is). We would also assume that if it becomes widely available, it would eventually make it to the Android version of the app well.

Even though it doesn’t currently allow for full offline use, it seems like that would be a next logical step of the feature. As it currently stands, the new feature will definitely help some users who suffer from buffering or class dropouts while they are trying to do their workout. We hope that if this new feature works well, it will then be expanded to remove the requirement to have an internet connection to start the workout and allow for full offline use. With a little advance planning, this would allow people to continue to get their daily workouts in, no matter what the internet situation is where they are.

Would you make use of this feature?

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  • This is a great feature but it needs to be fully offline.

    Even after a class has been preloaded, the app requires your device to be connected in order to play that preloaded class.

    The use case is that I want to do a running class at the gym using my iPad where there isn’t wifi – I downloaded (preloaded) the class but when I got to the gym the app kept saying ‘offline -retry’.

    Please fix this 🙂


  • Megan McKinley says:

    Hello! I just cancelled peloton because it does not have this feature on Android. I would consider buying the treadmill, but only if I can also use the app to also do outdoor runs in my neighborhood with spotty reception or yoga while on vacation in remote locations.

    Anyhow, really important feature!

  • wendy says:

    i loved this feature until i couldnt use it any long because i ran out of memory on my iphone. i cannot find how to delete downloaded videos (peloton). can suggestions?

    • On the classes page, where it lists all the class types (Outdoor, Running, Cycling, etc), scroll to the very bottom. There should be a button for Preloaded classes. It will list all the ones you have downloaded. Either on that screen, or by clicking into the individual classes, you should be able to delete any you don’t want.

  • Mike says:

    Can I still use the preloaded classes if I have the app but not a subscription?

  • Alicia Amaral says:

    Has the preload feature been released for Andoid?

  • Katelin says:

    Can you cast the preloaded class from your ios device to the peloton tv screen?

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