Overview of the new "Just Work Out" feature.

New “Just Work Out” Peloton App Feature: “Just Run” / “Just Ride” to track outdoor activities without a class on Peloton App (Now Live for everyone)

Update 3 – Peloton has taken the beta tag off the feature and says it should be available to all iPhone users in a new blog post on June 13th.

Update 2 – It appears this feature is now available for most iOS/iPhone users as of June 1, 2022. Still no further word on Android timing.

Update – Peloton talked about this new feature during the keynote at Peloton Homecoming. Beyond what we reported below, they confirm that minutes and activities from Just Work Out will count towards all challenges, and they say more indoor workout types that can be tracked in “Just Work Out” will be on the way. They say Just Work Out will be available by this summer. They also promoted the ability to use it with third party apps like Spotify. Peloton also teased another “Send Class Invites” / “Class Invites” feature coming soon at Homecoming.

Update 2 – Peloton says all Peloton iOS users should have this feature “in the coming weeks”. They say to “stay tuned for more information” regarding Android.

Peloton is adding a new beta feature to the Peloton app that those who cross-train off the Peloton Bike or Tread are sure to be happy about.

This new feature, called “Just Work Out”, brings the equivalent of “Just Run” and “Just Ride” from the Peloton Tread & Peloton Bike to outdoor activities.

“Just Work Out” on the Peloton app will allow you to track, and get credit for, any walk, run, or ride you do outside. Previously, to get credit you would have to start and play any random Peloton class on the app. If you were doing a longer activity, you’d have to start and play multiple classes.

Of course, this mode won’t have a playlist or Peloton instructor talking to you while you are working out, so you’ll be responsible for playing your own music and making your own playlist while the session is active.

Overview of the new "Just Work Out" feature.
Overview of the new “Just Work Out” feature.

Update – one FAQ we’ve seen is whether you can in fact start a playlist with Spotify, and listen to it while your “Just Run” or “Just Ride” workout is in progress on your phone. We’ve been able to confirm that Spotify, Apple Music, Podcasts, and other apps all can play in the background while the Peloton app is recording your workout. It seems you can even change between music apps mid workout, and there is no issues with the workout stopping or pausing on you.

The new “Just Run” and “Just Ride” for the Peloton app for outdoor activities is not yet available to all users – only a few select users seem to have it. No timeline is known for when it will roll out more widely.

This appears to be launching first for the iOS app – we can’t confirm yet whether or not Android users will be getting the feature at the same time.

The feature can be accessed on the main “Classes” page on the Peloton app if you are given access to it. There is a new banner for “Just Work Out”, with the beta tag, shown at the top of the page, above your tags, but below your stacks.

The new "Just Work Out" feature in the Peloton iOS app
The new “Just Work Out” feature in the Peloton iOS app

From there, you pick the activity type you wish will be doing. For now, your options are “Outdoor Running”, “Outdoor Walking”, and “Outdoor Cycling”. We imagine once the Peloton Rower launches there could be an “Outdoor Rowing” option as well.

New options for Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, and Outdoor Cycling in the Peloton app with the Just Work Out feature.
New options for Outdoor Running, Outdoor Walking, and Outdoor Cycling in the Peloton app with the Just Work Out feature.

Once your class begins, you are presented a new screen. The main focus is on the time elapsed, and you have a stop (and pause!) buttons.

Then, there are several metrics about the activity you are able to view in real time. You are able to see pace or speed information, total distance, total elevation gain, total calories burned, and if you have a heart rate monitor connected, your heart rate.

Screenshot of a "Outdoor Walking" class in the "Just Work Out" feature on the Peloton app.
Screenshot of a “Outdoor Running” class in the “Just Work Out” feature on the Peloton app. Image credit Peloton Homecoming Keynote.

For outdoor cycling classes, it appears you will be able to connect a cadence sensor as well and have the app track your cadence.

In a "Outdoor Cycling" class you can also track your cadence.
In a “Outdoor Cycling” class you can also track your cadence.

Tapping on the tab at the bottom of the screen will toggle the metrics away and take you to a GPS view, where you will be able to see the track recorded. This looks & works similarly to the existing Outdoor Running classes you can take currently (except here, you don’t have to pick a class and won’t have the coach talking).

The GPS map & tracking view while doing an Outdoor walk with the new “Just Work Out” feature. Image credit Peloton Homecoming Keynote.

When a class is finished, they show up on your profile similar to how “Just Ride” classes on the Bike, or “Just Run” on the Tread do. It appears that they will count as regular cycling (or walking/running) classes in terms of getting credit towards milestones. It is not yet clear if these miles would count towards any of the monthly challenges.

Completed "Just Work Out" classes on a profile.
Completed “Just Work Out” classes on a profile.

Thanks to #KTfromtheblockk for sharing these with us!

The release of this feature makes more sense given the release of Peloton’s new body activity feature last month. If Peloton wants members to be able to rely on that feature, and in turn, the classes Peloton might recommend to target muscles that haven’t been worked recently, it is more important for Peloton members to be able to get all of their workouts logged into the Peloton ecosystem – even if they aren’t necessarily taking place on the Peloton Bike & Tread.

Will you take advantage of these new “Just Work Out” outdoor activity tracking features?

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  • Becky says:

    This will be great when I mow the lawn!

  • Jeff Ulrich says:

    Oh I sooooo want this! I ride outside a lot during the summer and it would be nice to have that counted.

  • Kevin McCarthy says:

    One more feature not available for Android…

  • Jason says:

    What about “Just Strength?”

  • Jess says:

    Is there a way to sign up to be a beta tester?

  • JackOnDaRocks says:

    I tried out Just Walk and it was great. Able to play my own music without any issue and the pause came in handy when my dog decided to squat. At the end, the map and metrics were informative and I believe them to be accurate. I’m going to be using this quite a bit.

  • Trevor says:

    I’ve been hoping for Peloton to offer this for awhile now (and I completely missed the keynotes) but I do a lot of my training on both the Peloton tread and bike, but I like to do outdoor runs on those rare nice Vancouver days. I’ve had to run multiple outdoor run classes on the Peloton phone app or sacrifice part of my Peloton run stats when I want to listen to my own music while running Strava on my Apple watch. Just Run/Bike will be great!

    Hopefully the Peloton Apple watch app will include more stats (both current/avg pace, cadence, distance and time) rather than just HR.

  • Lucky says:

    any idea if this will sync with Garmin? I run outside/peloton cycle every other day and I do not want to carry my phone. Currently, I use my Garmin and it syncs to Apple Health and then to my Oura ring (!), but I would love Garmin and Peloton to talk to one another. I am a new beta tester, but there’s no way I’m going to run with my phone and have no desire to have an Apple watch.

  • Siobhan Muldowney says:

    I tried the outdoor cycling feature today. Cycled 27km but only 9.7 registered. Any idea how to improve the sensitivity of that? I’ve not had issues with outdoor walks/runs in the past.

  • Carrie says:

    I commute to work by bike so have been using the outdoor cycling feature but my calories are off. For a 35 minute/ 7 mile ride it calculates 42 calories. Any advice to correct this?

  • cale22 says:

    i submitted a ticket to peloton support bc i found the metrics to be extremely off. i had a 3 mile run and it logged only 78 calories burned….

  • Felix says:

    This is a great step in the right direction. Now they need to drop the requirement of needing your phone to launch an activity. Apple Watch can launch, monitor, and record workouts to be later synced with Apple HealthKit. No reason why the Peloton app shouldn’t be capable of the same.

  • Curtis says:

    Any news on this getting to Android?

  • Andrew says:

    I cannot run with my iPhone. How do I start a “just wirk out” run or walk or bike ride with my Apple Watch peloton app?

  • Deb says:

    Is there a way to add the workout after the fact?

  • Jay Turner says:

    My bride has this on her Android phone, but I do not have it on my same Android phone. She has had it since the Sept. 23 update.

  • Chris says:

    Hi Group!

    Just started using this feature to track my non-Peloton-treadmill walking, and while it’s working well for the most part, the calorie burn is WAY off. Walking at 1.7 to begin, and while my heart rate (109) is accurate, the calorie burn is on track for nearly 600 calories if i stay at that speed for an hour, which is obviously way off.

    Any idea what might be causing that? I did choose “walking” instead of “outdoor walking”, but I turned Location Services on anyway. Didn’t fix it. : )

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