More class types added to Peloton “Just Work Out” Feature – Strength, Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Running & more

Peloton is in the process of slowly and quietly rolling out additional class types to their Just Work Out feature.

Peloton’s “Just Work Out” feature allows members to get time and distance credit for any walk, run, or ride done outside. The app uses GPS to track member’s mileage and route, and because there is no instruction or playlist provided, members are also able to listen to their own music, podcast, audiobook, or any other app, while working out. The Just Work Out feature began rolling out to members as a beta feature in May 2022 just before Homecoming, and was officially made public in June.

When the feature was added, Peloton mentioned they planned to add additional modalities as workout options. We have started receiving reports that other class types are being added for some members.

Additional Modalities Added To "Just Work Out" Feature
Additional Modalities Added To Just Work Out Feature

The new additions include Indoor Cycling, Indoor Running, Indoor Walking, Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Meditation, and Stretching. Other than Tread Bootcamps and Bike Bootcamps, all Peloton modalities will now be included as an option in the Just Work Out feature.

Previously, the only options were Outdoor Running, Outdoor cycling, and outdoor walking – and looked like the below:

How "Just Work Out" looked before the new options were added.
How “Just Work Out” looked before the new options were added.

With the new options, when members select the Cycling class type, you are able connect Bluetooth Cadence sensors.

Just Work Out Indoor Cycling Prompt To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensor
Just Work Out Indoor Cycling Prompt To Connect Bluetooth Cadence Sensor

Members are also able to connect a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to the app as well (or an Apple Watch), and the data will be recorded in a graph, just as when members take a class on their Peloton bike (in the example below, the heart rate monitor wasn’t connected to the app until the class was already in progress).

Just Work Out - Cycling Workout End of Class Graph
Just Work Out – Cycling Workout End of Class Graph

As you would expect, when you pick one of these new class types in the Just Work Out feature, your workout gets tagged appropriately – for example, the strength workout shows up as a completed strength workout in the app, with the title of “Just Lift”. This means you should get credits towards streaks and milestones by doing “Just Work Out” classes.

Just Work Out - Just Lift
Just Work Out – Just Lift – a completed “Just Work Out” strength class.

Thank you to member #alilfitalexis for all photos!

You can read more about Peloton’s Just Work Out feature here. 

Just Work Out is still currently only available to Apple iOS devices at time of publishing. However, Peloton recently added GPS outdoor tracking to Android, so we could theoretically see Just Work Out on Android phones soon too as well.

Let us know if you have these new additions the the Just Work Out feature, and what you think of them! If you don’t have them yet, do you see yourself using any of them when they do roll out to you?

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Tatiana Sokolik
Tatiana Sokolik is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Bike and Tread in 2020 and has been smitten with Peloton ever since.


  • Lisa Leonard says:

    Yeah!!! So excited. I use the Just Ride for my outdoor rides and will be excited to use for my yoga workouts that I do!!! Looking forward to the offline option as hiking and biking loses connectivity and sometimes you don’t end up getting full credit for workout.

  • trout_lord says:

    This is all fine and dandy but for those of us that don’t want our phone with us while we’re running or cycling to keep the weight down there is no option to have my Garmin data connect to Peloton. Therefore I get no credit for my outdoor workouts. What really needs to happen is Peloton needs to make a standalone Garmin app or an integration between Garmin and Peloton like they have with Strava so that my outside activities automatically or selectively sync with Peloton filed under this new category obvious workout.

  • Sherree says:

    It’s very frustrating to not have this for my Android phone. And it doesn’t even show up on my iPad.

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