Peloton Makes Small Tweaks to Just Work Out Feature on iOS and Android Apps

Peloton has made a few small tweaks to the Just Work Out feature on both the Peloton iOS and Android apps. The updates appear to have been made to make the feature easier to find, as well as make the interface cleaner.

When first opening the home page of the Peloton App, the red icon for the Just Work Out feature is expanded to include the word “Track” – likely to make it more obvious what the button is for. There are still posts from members asking how they find the “Just Work Out” feature, so this update could help with that. After a few seconds the button should return to the red circle icon that members are used to seeing.

Just Work Out button with "Track" on home screen.
Just Work Out button with “Track” on home screen.

In addition, when clicking the button the default view displays three options. If it’s your first time trying the feature, it will show outdoor running, outdoor walking, and outdoor cycling. However, if you’ve used the feature before, it will show the 3 most recent class types used. There is also a “more options” button you can press that will take you to the full menu of available Just Work Out modalities. This includes other available options such as yoga, strength, cardio, etc.

Three default options for Just Work Out feature from home screen.
Three default options for Just Work Out feature from home screen.

Some members could have found themselves overwhelmed by seeing all 10+ options when the feature opened – so this is likely surfacing the most commonly used ones to be easier to find – but leaving the other options still accessible. And for those who have used the feature recently, it will make their most recent ones easier to find.

Unfortunately, there is still no “Just Row” option available through the app, even to those members who own the Peloton Row hardware.

For those unfamiliar, the Just Work Out feature allows members to receive Peloton credit for any workouts completed outside of a Peloton class. The feature launched in 2022 and soon expanded to new modalities. Peloton also added “Just with Goals,” which enables members to add a specific goal – such as a particular distance, time, or output – to their workout.

Peloton recently surveyed members about the Just Work Out feature.

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Katie Weicher
Katie Weicher is a writer for Pelo Buddy. She purchased her Peloton Bike in 2016 and has been riding, strength training, and yoga flowing ever since. You can find her on the leaderboard at #kweich.

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  • Mitch says:

    Nice that it is easier to find. Now fix it so it works. Some forums have reports of the feature not working dating back a year. In the last week I have tried using it and all three times it stops after less than half a mile. Many report the same issue.

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