Now Available: 2020 Year In Review for Peloton “The Cooldown”

Yesterday afternoon Peloton officially released their “Year in Review” stats webpage for 2020, which has been rebranded as “The Cooldown”. If you just want to get straight to your stats, you can head to the new webpage here:

The Cooldown for 2020 allows you to create a personalized overview of your year, in the form of a 1 minute video, that can be shared across social media.

Some of the stats included this year are:

  • The number of hours you spent on each sport (cycling, running, yoga, etc)
  • How many days you worked out, and what your longest streak was
  • What time of day you were most likely to work out in
  • Which instructor you worked out with the most
  • How many of the instructors you took classes with
  • How many badges you earned
  • Your highest output, and what song was playing as you reached it
  • A few general highlights of some popular tags, artist series, and other classes
  • The fact that there are now over 3.6 million Peloton members (both those with bikes, those using the app, and free trial users)

Unfortunately for many people, this year does not include the total number of miles, calories, or total output for the year.

Screenshot from The Cooldown 2020 showing the number of instructors you took classes with this year.

Peloton first teased the release and rebranding of The Cooldown at the beginning of December. Earlier this week they also shared a teaser on social it would be coming soon.

This year’s stats being released on January 8th lines up closely with when they’ve done it in years past:

Click here to visit The Cooldown and view your stats..

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