Peloton testing auto-incline feature for Tread (Auto-Follow for incline)

Update – Peloton officially started rolling out the auto-incline feature in September.

Peloton is reportedly testing an automatic incline feature for the Tread. This would be similar to the auto-follow feature signature to the Bike+, which automatically adjusts the rider’s resistance based on the instructor cues. For the Tread, the feature is being applied to the incline.

Users will see a lock icon next to the incline metric, and selecting the icon will activate the auto-follow. Selecting the icon again will deactivate the auto-follow. Utilizing this feature allows the runner to have their incline automatically adjusted to what the instructor is calling out without having to adjust it themselves.

If the Bike+ provides any indication for how the auto-follow feature will work on the Tread, we can safely assume that the feature will not work on live classes and will only be available for on demand content.

Additionally, the feature appears to work only if the Tread is moving, not if the device is completely stopped. The testing is only being applied to incline for now – and though we can’t say for sure, it is unlikely Peloton will add an auto-follow for speed on the Tread due to potential safety hazards.

There is currently no clear timeline for when the auto-incline feature might roll out to all Tread users (or if it will be available for Tread+ users), as it is still in testing mode and not yet showing up for everyone. If you’re a Tread owner, are you excited about this new feature?

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