No Live Peloton Classes August 15-18 2022 – Both Peloton Studios New York & London closed

Peloton’s upcoming schedule is currently displaying solely encore classes from Monday, August 15 through Thursday, August 18 – meaning that both Peloton Studios New York (PSNY) and Peloton Studios London (PSL) will be closed for those four days.

Update – Peloton has said “Our live schedule will be paused from August 15 to 18 as we prepare for All For One ’22”

Peloton has not yet made any official statements regarding the matter, and there are a few different things they could be preparing for during that time. The grand reopening of both PSNY and PSL is scheduled for Friday, August 19. Though Peloton classes have had members in them on Fridays since June as part of the soft reopening phase, August 19 will no longer be a “member previews” day and Peloton could be making some final changes and adjustments to the studios before their full reopening.

In addition, the 2022 All For One Music Festival is scheduled to take place from August 19-21. Peloton just announced the full lineup and list of live classes for it. However, there are around 50 live classes, and Peloton says there will be more than 160 total classes as part of the festival. This means Peloton could be using early next week to film classes that will be released on demand as part of the festival – although we know some of the on-demand classes have been recorded over the past few weeks.

Both PSNY and PSL have been closed fairly frequently throughout this year as Peloton has made preparations to reopen to the public. There were a number of studio closures throughout the month of May and in early June that Peloton attributed to reopening preparations.

Peloton is also in the process of changing their upcoming live class schedule. Moving forward, members can expect to find some specific classes at consistent times.

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