Expect reduced live class schedule in June as Peloton Studios are prepared for reopening (both New York & London)

Peloton has finally officially commented on all the random studio closures that have been occurring in both NYC & London. The past few weeks have seen several studio closures, and the upcoming live class schedule shows several more on the books as well.

In the Official Peloton Member Page, Peloton posted that members should expect a reduced live schedule over the coming weeks throughout June “we get ready to open PSNY and PSL to Members this summer.”

Throughout June, including June 6-8, you will notice a reduced live schedule as we get ready to open PSNY and PSL to Members this summer. As always, you can still take Encore classes or choose from thousands of classes in our on-demand library.

The Peloton Studios in New York are expected to have their first classes with members in it on June 10th, as journalists have been invited to a special press preview day which includes live classes.

Peloton has yet to confirm any opening date to the public yet. However, we previously reported that Peloton is potentially going to have a soft reopening in June, with a full reopening possibly taking place in August.

Robin Arzon recently discussed in one of her live classes how Peloton plans to have a mix of classes both with studio audiences, as well as empty classes, once the studios are reopen as they know some people prefer classes without people in them.

Last week we pointed out the live schedule on June 6-7 on social media – as both studios are all encore classes that day with the exception of 3 morning strength classes.

The UK Studios are completely closed on June 8th, while the PSNY studio opens again for live classes.

Then, on June 13-14, the PSNY studios are totally closed again, with the exception of morning strength roll call classes.

It’s not clear yet what other closures members can expect in June, but keep an eye on the live schedule in the coming weeks.

Peloton was also closed numerous times in May for “maintenance” and other work. PSNY was closed on May 27th for maintenance. They also were closed the weekend of May 20-21 for maintenance. The first maintenance closure was on May 5th.

During one of the closures, Peloton updated the strength studio with a new platform for the instructors to teach from. They also recently swapped the member treadmills in the studio from Tread+ to regular Treads.

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